Why is it so Hard to Organize a Toy Room?

Cute organized toy storage and play room.

You guys, I have a problem! I so desperately want to declutter and organize my kids’ toy room. And I want it to stay organized! I want it to look as organized as the picture above and stay looking nice.

 I mean, it’s not terrible and they don’t have way over the top amount of stuff. It is even kind of organized. Like all the train track toys are in one box. So at least one box is organized. Well, at least most of the time!

However, all the other boxes are just filled with random toys. It is so disorganized!

I really want it organized so my kids don’t have to dump out all their toy boxes looking for one toy. Instead they will know which box it is in.

I want to declutter and have fewer toys so my kids are not overwhelmed with choices and I want it organized so they can see what they have and play more!

I also want them to be able to really use their imagination, plus I don’t think they play with half their toys. I want it to feel organized and peaceful to me and to my kids.

Our house is not that huge so we don’t even have a designated toy room. The girl’s room is actually pretty organized with a lot of their toys on their closet shelf, which I love.

My sons’ room, however, has a toy cubicle with lots of fabric boxes that are unorganized. I would love to clean out his closet shelf, which is almost empty and put some of his toys up there. Then in his toy cubicle I would love it to be just more organized. He has such a fun room and having his toy shelf organized will make his room even look more fun!

Here is how I imagine it will be one day. Right now, he has 9 cubicles and 5 fabric boxes of different colors. I would have each basket have a different type of toy in it.

Like this:

  • The Blue Box: Train tracks and all things train related in it
  • Green Box: All the different Figurines and related accessories
  • Light Blue Box: Cars and all things related.
  • Pink Box: I would move to the girls’ room and put all their barbie dolls and maybe baby doll things in.
  • Purple Box: All Baby toys and I would also move it into girls’ room (Since we have a baby girl and it would match the girls’ room better anyway).
  • A few cubicle spaces I would not put a box in so that I can easily fit some of his playmobile toys in, like his ambulance and firetruck, and his other bigger toys.

If I find other toys that I think my kids love, that I don’t want to toss, I would buy another box for that category if I need to.

On his closet shelf I would put his Lincoln logs, blocks, Legos, Botley, and other toys. Then he can just ask me to get down what he wants.

So, I even kind of have a plan.

I even plan to get rid of any toys that don’t fit in their designated toy box or that they never play with.

Sound kind of easy, right?

No, not really for me.

Whenever I sit down to organize his toys, I get so overwhelmed!

I think it is common to feel overwhelmed when trying to organize and declutter. I feel like I have to dump out each box, which then creates a big mess. I then have to pick through it and clean it up and it seems so overwhelming.

I then think, “Why am I even doing this? They don’t even play with a lot of this stuff? I should just throw or give away most of this stuff.” But then, I can’t do that either because one time and one time only I found them playing with one toy and what if they want to play with it again?!!

So, at the end of the day I just end up throwing most of the toys back into random boxes so the room looks clean again, even though in reality it is only slightly more organized.

Hey, at least it looks good!

Do you ever do that?

This time will be different! I have an even more in-depth plan to go along with the plan above.

I am determined to get it decluttered and organized!

So, with the kids being out of school because of the COVID-19, I am determined to get this done.

 I will do it one toy box at a time and have next to me two cardboard boxes: One for donation, and one for emptying the toy basket in.

 That way the room won’t feel so messy as I go through and only put the correct toys in each box.

Then, if I don’t finish this project in one day, it’s okay. I can put the organized toy basket back on the shelf and put the cardboard box still filled with toys to be sorted through in the closet, ready to go for tomorrow! The donation box I will put in the garage.

I have a Plan! Sort of. Join me in decluttering your kid’s rooms. Studies have shown that kids play more when they are not overwhelmed with toys!

Plus, I believe it will help keep his room cleaner! We can do this!

Join me in organizing your toy room or let me know of any tips you have to organize a toy room!

Update: I did it! Check out my new organized toy room!

Cute organized toy storage and play room.

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