What will Summer Look like this Year for Us?

A Bucket, shovel,, goggles, snorkeling mask, and sea star hanging by clothespins on clothesline with white background

It is the last week of home school distance learning for my kids. They have done so well with it and I am so proud of them. They are ready for summer break!

But what will summer look like this year for us?

Normally in the summer we do swim lessons and go to the swimming pool almost every weekend. Will that be possible this year? Will the pool even open up?

W normally do community activities like a community play. I already know that the community play has been canceled this year for them. We also like to go to the library for their fun activities and to check out books. Is that even an option this summer?

We go on play dates and to playgrounds. We like to take at least one beach trip every summer. They say we can now have small get-togethers, but only small ones right now. I don’t know how I feel about playdates then.

Playdates are more than 10 people if you count me and my four kids and then my friends and there 4 or 5 kids. We are normally really close to 10 people or more than 10 people, so past the limit. Plus, I would rather keep us safe until we get the all-clear.

What about the summer holidays like the 4th of July? Is our city going to do fireworks this year? Even if we can’t get together with a huge group of friends, we can watch them in our car. We can’t see the city ones from our house but we can see any the neighbors do.

Honestly, I like that aspect of not getting together with friends. We can watch the fireworks from the safety of our home. I get a bit panicked about fireworks since I did get hit in the eye with one when I was 15. Don’t worry, there was no lasting damage. So being inside and safe is perfect for me. Though I will miss hanging out with friends.

Or who knows, maybe everything will open up for the summer and it will be pretty close to normal. Maybe we can eat popsicles and go swimming at the pool in town. Maybe we can go to the park and splash pad. Go on fun family trips and to restaurants without worrying. Restaurants are opening up again to dine in at after all. Or maybe we won’t be able to. At this point, who really knows?

I think these are common questions that a lot of us are asking ourselves. I don’t know what this summer will bring. I do know though that no matter what, this summer will be fun for my kids.

Why will it be fun?

Because we can still do fun activities at home and enjoy having less schoolwork. We will blow up our baby pool and swim in it in the hot afternoons.

We can make frozen popsicles and homemade ice cream. We can roast marshmallows and smores. We can even go camping in our backyard, which my kids think is always fun, and have water fights. We can snuggle up and read a book together and watch movies together. We can do fun projects, my oldest has been wanting to sew a dress for her dolls. We can make cookies, play with toys, and jump on the trampoline.

 I might even make a list of fun things to do and let my kids choose something fun from it each day. Of course, I also plan to have them do at least 15 minutes of reading a day, their chores, and a couple pages of school work most weekdays. Still, I think they will love choosing a fun activity each day.

I know the temperature this summer will probably get up to 110 degrees and I will be chasing my kids around with sunblock so they don’t get burned while they run around in the sun. I will watch them have fun swimming in our baby pool, since we might not be able to go to the pool in town. I know I will love watching my kids use their imaginations, playing games they invented. I know I will listen to my kids’ giggle at the silliest things and yes, sometimes even fight over small things, especially if they are tired.

I know this summer will be memorable in its own way, with a ton family time and fun.

So, I am excited for this summer. Even though it might not be like most summers, it will still be a ton of fun!

What do you all think about this summer? Let me know in the comments.

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A Bucket, shovel,, goggles, snorkeling mask, and sea star hanging by clothespins on clothesline with white background

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