What I Hope to Achieve by Decluttering my Home

A decluttered looking kitchen, dining table, and living room combo

I have been looking and reading a lot about decluttering and minimalism. Now, I’m pretty sure I will never be a true minimalist. I really love things that make my house beautiful, which I think is actually a part of minimalism. So maybe I’m not doing too bad.

I believe minimalism is all about keeping the things you love and are special to you. Plus, items that have a purpose. Bonus points if it is also pretty.

I have done some decluttering. I have decluttered my kid’s toys a little bit. Really just going through and throwing away toys that are broken. Throwing away trash. 

It has been good because now my oldest will just throw away toys that are broken that aren’t fixable. Like a toy plastic plate. Before, it would have been a big deal. She would have been so upset that I was going to throw away a broken toy and “can’t we just fix it?”. I did explain that some toys we can fix and others we can’t, but that is okay. We have plenty of toys to play with.

I have also decluttered my clothes. Mainly because a lot of them were on their last thread with holes in them. It is hard because of the fact that my weight changes so much because of pregnancy and then having the baby and losing the baby weight and all the sizes in between.

So right now, I only have one pair of pants that fit well, and even those are getting loose. I do have work out clothes and skirts that I wear also. Plus pants a size up than I can wear for a couple hours before they become absurdly loose and falling off of me.

The reason I only have one pair of pants is because I’m not sure if I am going to maintain my weight, lose some, or gain some. I did put my pregnancy clothes in storage and put in my give away box a few pieces of clothing I haven’t worn yet. You know, it has been nice having fewer clothes.

 I am planning to buy another couple of pairs of jeans sometime because right now I have to wash them overnight if I am wearing them one day and they get food on them from the kids (or myself spilling on them).

Still, it is nice to only have clothes in my drawer that fit me well and I can more easily find what I like. I think there are some more shirts I want to get rid of, but I want to wait until I buy more clothes and can replace them.

We have been doing some light decluttering of our house, which has been nice. We are able to keep up with the house and cleaning and weeding more easily because of that.

Now I am thinking about decluttering more intensely. And organizing things better. Like I did in my closet which has made a big difference in there.

I have been thinking “Why do I want to declutter? Why do I want to spend my time doing this? What do I hope to achieve by decluttering my home? Is this worth my time? Will it really help me with my goals?

So here is a list of my reasons of why I want to declutter and what I hope it brings to my life.

  • Spend more time with kids and not worrying about the house.

I want to be able to spend more time with my kids and not worry about the house so much. Or always have a list going in the back of my mind what I need to get done. I’m a pretty chill person, but if company is coming, I get way more stressed and more likely to have a list in my head of things to do instead of enjoying what we are doing.

  • Kids can play more intentionally not being buried in things and toys and to have a calm and clean environment for them to learn, grow, and play in.

I want my kids to be able to play and be creative and actually find what they are looking for. I don’t want them to be overwhelmed with a million different toys that are either all over the house or stuffed in random bins. I also want it to be less overwhelming. They say if kids have too many toys, they are more likely to get overwhelmed and not be able to play as long. I also want them to be able to put their toys away easily and get into good habits.  Though lately, we have been a lot more organized, which makes a big difference, but so does getting rid of toys not played with and being mindful of what toys we are bringing in our house on holidays and birthdays.

  • We can relax as a family and not be stressed by a messy house, which will lead to a more peaceful environment.

I really believe that if we can keep our house clean, or at least pretty clean, it can help our mental health. It is depressing and overwhelming to come home and see a huge amount of stuff on the counters or floors. Stuff that we don’t even love that much, or stuff that we needed to deal with a week ago, like mail. It can feel unmanageable. Having less stuff would mean less stuff cluttering our beautiful counters. Now I totally think that if we love something, like going full out decorating for holidays, then that is fine and fun and not clutter at all. It can look really amazing and fun to have out a bunch of décor and figurines, or whatever else it is, as long as you love it and it makes you happy.

  • It will be faster to clean up, so more time to enjoy life.

It will take less time to clean up because there is less stuff that is in the house. There is less likely to be random toys, or pots and pans you never use out on the counter. So, it is faster to clean and easier to keep clean. Some people even have a minimal number of dishes. That is not me though. I like having enough that I can get a plate out while the dishwasher is running. So, we have to decide what is important to us. Since decluttering will make it faster to clean, we can enjoy life more, enjoy being with our kids, with our family, spend more time outside, and doing things we love.

  • More time for hobbies I want to do like writing and sewing and DIY decor.

We have more time for hobbies. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to do things like sew or do other crafts unless the house is clean, or at least in pretty good order. It feels too overwhelming to sew and like I’m just going to add to the mess already there. So, I like to clean first, then sew. Then when I am done sewing it is easier to just quickly clean up my sewing stuff or craft stuff and the house is still in pretty good shape.

  • People can drop by unexpectedly without us worrying about it.

This would be ideal. If one day I can keep my house this clean all the time, I will be thrilled. It probably won’t be until all my kids are older and in school. But I can settle for it being clean enough that I can get it really clean within 15 minutes. So, I can run and put away the kid’s toys, and any other miscellaneous stuff and do the last couple of dishes and have my house look clean without having random clutter on the counters on cupboards. That way if someone calls and said they are coming over; I can get it really clean before they get there. Also, if someone does drop by without any warning. I will still feel okay because it is only the few kid’s toys out that they were playing with and whatever I was doing or working on at the moment. I do also need a routine down also to reach this goal. Like to do dishes right after every meal and wipe the table and counters super-fast. Which will be much easier if my counter was always decluttered.

  • We can enjoy our beautiful home.

I want to be able to relax and enjoy my home. I love my home and think it is beautiful. Is it perfect? No. But I worked hard, along with my husband, to make it the way we like it and to decorate it. I want to be able to sit and enjoy how clean and pretty it is. Right now, I do get to do that, but not as often as I like. I would like to that every day, even when life gets crazy and busy. It is so peaceful and relaxing to enter into a beautiful, decluttered and clean room. I want to be able to relax with my family and enjoy time together without stressing about other things.

  • We can keep up with things easier, find things easier, and not be as overwhelmed keeping up with everything.

I want to be able to find what I need when I need them. No more rifling through several drawers looking for my sewing scissors and getting more and more annoyed as I can’t find them. I want to be able to keep up with things easier. I want to be able to more easily leave for activities and events without thinking about what I will have to do when we get home.

  • Be able to be more spontaneous.

It will be easier to be spontaneous and go to fun activities and festivals and whatever else may come up if we feel our house is in order. It also helps to get out since we won’t be overwhelmed or exhausted by cleaning if we have less stuff and can easily keep up with the house.

  • They can learn we don’t need everything we may see or want.

I want my kids to be able to see that we don’t need everything we see. We don’t need every new toy or a million pieces of clothing. We can be happy with what we have and choose what we need wisely. I’m not saying buying new things sometimes is bad, but to just be more mindful of what we buy, make sure we love it, and have it be a higher quality that will last longer.

  • Leaving on vacations will be easier.

I really love to come home from a vacation to a sparkling clean house. It is just so relaxing, especially after the stress of traveling. That is very important to me so we work hard to make sure it is clean before we leave. However, that does take time and can be stressful. I think with fewer things to clean it will be much faster and hopefully be way less stressful. Then we can leave on vacation without feeling like things are getting crazy, which I have felt before leaving on vacation. I want to be able to pack easily and maybe for once not to overpack. I want to feel that everything will be okay without overpacking. If we really need something, we could buy what we need during our vacation, but hopefully that won’t be the case.

  • We can keep up with laundry easily.

I think only have clothes we love will make a huge difference with doing laundry. I don’t know how many times I have washed a clean shirt that ended up on the floor of one of the rooms because someone was searching for something else to wear. And then it got left on the floor and ended in the laundry. I also think having less clothes will make it easier for my kids to decide what to wear and easier to find what they are looking for. Hopefully, they will love everything in their drawer. I think this will make it much easier to get dressed in the morning. Plus, how many clothes do really need? When buying my kids clothes this year, I was much more careful. My daughter already had a ton of clothes, way more than she needed. So, I tried to only buy a couple of really cute new ones. My son honestly didn’t have much at all because he was moving up in clothing size. So, I got him like 4 pairs of pants and two pairs of shorts. Then like 10 shirts. Some button up and some casual. It was a really good amount for school and not overwhelming. Also, it helped the laundry to not pile up so much.

  • I want to be able to have parties and have friends come over for dinner and to hang out with less stress.

Seriously, it is madness whenever we are planning to have people over for a party. It is stressful to get everything perfectly sparkling clean. Especially with kids in the house, since they are kids and love playing with their toys, which is exactly what they should be doing.  I can’t just close the bedroom doors because at parties my kids like to play with their friends in there. Plus, really my kid’s rooms are super cute so I want to show them off. I do tend to lock my bedroom door so wandering kids don’t go in there and start playing with my jewelry, which has happened before at parties.

  • I want to be able to have company, like family, stay with us overnight with less stress.

Preparing for people to stay here from out of town for a week or even a night is so crazy. It is stressful to get everything sparkling clean. I feel like even my rooms and closet and laundry room and even garage need to be spotless and organized. They are likely to wander into one of those rooms at some point. Plus, I do like to show people what updates we have done to the house. It is really fun and I am loving how our house is looking.

 I really am hopeful that only keeping what we love and need while decluttering everything else will help make those goals more easily attainable. I hope it will be way less stressful and more enjoyable to have company over and to keep our house clean, plus to live in it every day surrounded only by things we love.

What do you think? Do you plan to declutter in the near future? Let me know in the comments and share this post.

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A decluttered looking kitchen, dining table, and family room combo

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