What 12-18 Month Old Baby’s Love

Baby Walking Outside

I love the 12-18 month baby/toddler stage, I really do. I have to say though that I am a big fan of all the stages so far. I love watching them learn, explore, and grow. Since I have a 12-18-month-old daughter. I wanted to share some of the things that 12-18-month-old’s love.

12- 18-month-old babies are so cute and fun. They are becoming so active and have such big personalities that are shining through.

They love to walk. They will try and try and try until they get walking down, no matter how many times they fall, they will get back up and keep going. They love being able to walk around and explore and learn. They will get better and better at walking until all of a sudden they are running and dancing. It is so fun to watch them learn new skills.

They love to help out. They love it when parents ask them to get the diapers, or wipes, or pajamas. They love to share their food with you and also explore making messes with it, like dropping it on the floor, sometimes for fun, sometimes to show they are done and want no more food.

They love to help clean up toys. If there is a huge mess of Duplo Legos around, they are on it and will put them in the bag. Just be careful, because they also love to dump things out after they put them away.

They love to help their parents do chores. They love to help unload dishes or to help wash them the best they can. There is just something so fun about helping. They also love to help with laundry. They will happily unfold every piece of clothing you have folded in their reach and also take out every piece of clothing they can that you have put into drawers they can reach.

12-18 months old love to find all the small beads they can and put them in their mouth, so watch out. Even if you think the room is perfectly clean and vacuumed. Don’t worry, your baby will find the one bead you missed and help get rid of it by putting it in their mouths. So be vigilant! Luckily sometimes when you put out you hand and tell your baby to give it to you, they will. Other times you just need to grab it.

They love to show off their dancing skills, especially when they see older kids showing of theirs. It is so cute to watch them spin on their unsteady feet with a huge smile on their face. Then seeing them stop and look at you to make sure you saw how great of a trick they did.

They love compliments and will do the same thing over and over again because it is such fun and they love the attention and reaction from the people around them. They love to clap their hands for themselves when they see others clapping at their new trick. They love to copy us as best as they can.  

This age also loves music. They love dancing and listening to it. Anytime music gets turned on my little girl will go running as fast as you can to the TV or whichever room the music is coming from. She just loves it.

They are starting to get into the phase of playing dress-up and make-believe. They love to play pretend and play games like family. They will go to the play kitchen and pretend to cook and eat food and will try to feed you also.

This age also loves baby dolls and stuffed animals. It is so sweet how much they love other babies and their baby dolls and animals. They just will snuggle and love them.

This age also starts to play with trains and cars and figurines. They start mimicking the sounds they hear older siblings and parents do for cars and trains and will drive them around on the ground.

This is a busy age and they love doing lots of different things.

12-18-month-old babies love to play games and create new games. They love Pattycake and Peek a Boo. Mine loves the upside-down part of Patty Cake. She will do that over and over and over again, giggling and smiling the whole time.

They love to play with their siblings and join in games with them like playing house or zombie tag. They will even copy their siblings and hold out their arms like zombies and chase their siblings. It makes them feel involved and they have so much fun! They also love to play Duck Duck Goose as best as they can. Running around to different people saying “Goose” and waiting to be chased.

Babies this age love to try speaking new words and new sounds, like roaring like a lion. They also love to try to sing.  Seriously, you sing a song to my little one and she will try to repeat the notes. Cutest thing ever! They will also start stringing a few words together like “there you go” when handing you something or saying words to get what they want like “outside” to tell you they want to play outside. It really is so fun to see them learning and talking more and more.

Baby’s this age love to jump and climb on you. The moment you lay down on the floor to stretch, or exercise, they will try to immediately jump or climb on you. They just think it is so much fun! It really hurts though when your hair accidentally got pulled.

They love being read to and looking at books. All types of books, like lift the flap book, paperback books, picture books, board books. Any book they can get their hands on, though the colorful ones with lots of pictures are most interesting. Careful though, they also tend to rip paper books.

Kids this age also love to be outdoors and exploring. They are interested in everything. They love rocks and dirt and all things nature. Being outside can sometimes instantly change a child’s demeanor of this age (and all ages) to much happier, especially if they have all their needs met like food, and are just feeling a little grumpy. They love to swing on a swing and climb on anything they can.

They love showing you things they have found outside or around the house. They will show you rocks and grass and whatever other treasure they have found. They also love putting these items in their mouths to see what it tastes like. So again, be vigilant!

Babies this age also love being more independent and exploring things more knowing you are there for them to run back to and comfort them whenever they need you.  

They love to be with their dad. They love to be with their siblings. They love being with their mom. They love being held and snuggled and carried around and talked to.

They love feeling your love for them.

What other things have you noticed that your 12-18 month old baby loves? Please leave a comment.

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