The Best Way to Organize my Kids Toy Room and Keep it Organized (That Worked for Me)!

Boys room storage cube

You guys! I did it, I finally decluttered and organized my kids’ toy room. We don’t have a designated toy room, so a lot of the toys are in my son’s room, though my daughter’s rooms hold all of their dolls, doll accessories, and dress-up clothes.

Decluttering and organizing the toys has made such a big difference and my son’s room has been staying so much cleaner!

Also, don’t you love my son’s Tonka Truck Baby Pictures! I think they are the CUTEST and perfect for his room, which is a car/ truck/things that go/transportation theme since he loves cars, trains, planes, bulldozers, spaceships, etc. Shout out to Deztography for taking the pictures for us during the first year of his life when he was a baby! They are perfect!

I didn’t do it exactly the way I originally planned in this earlier blog post titled “Why is it so Hard to Organize a Toy Room“. I did go through the toys and got rid of broken, really old, or dingy toys, like I planned to in my original post. I also did organize it by box.

However, since we were decorating my son’s room in a car, trucks, things that move theme, which I loved the way it turned out, I decided to buy matching fabric toy bins with chalkboards on it for labeling from Amazon. His old toy bins were bent out of shape, were looking kind of rough and dingy, and did not fit the color scheme of his room too well.

The bright Red, Yellow, blue, and Green new toy bins matched his room perfectly. It even came with two chalk board pens to write with.

Reviews on Amazon said that it was hard to get the white pen it came with off the chalkboard.

Perfect! I did not want my kids to relabel it and draw on it all the time. I wanted it to stay nice and organized. So, I was very glad that was the case.

I was so excited when my package came and when I opened it. The colors were perfect and the chalkboards centered on it were nice and big.  I went to open them and put them on my toy shelf when I realized…


What? How could this be? They were perfect for his room. They had to fit. But no, they didn’t. At all.

I didn’t measure before I bought it because I just assumed that I knew the toy shelf fit the 12 by 12 boxes. I was wrong. So ALWAYS AlWAYS Measure before buying something to fit in a particular area.

I sat on the boxes for about a week trying to decide if I should return them and buy something that would fit or not.

However, after looking around, I could not find any fabric bins that I loved as much as those and they were such a good price also! And perfect in so many ways!

So, we decided that actually it might be for the best!

We could put the toys in the fabric bins up in the closet and only leave his bigger toys on his toy shelf.

Genius, I tell you. It worked out so well. His room stays so much cleaner and it is so nice to have bigger bins.

Remember, my sons’ room is the toy room for everyone and even though most of the toys my girls like to play with are in their room on their closet shelf, some are stored in my son’s room. Same with the Baby toys.

Plus, they all like to play with each other’s toys. I really try to teach them that why yes, you got this certain toy for your birthday, it is much more fun to play together with it with your siblings and to share it with them especially when you are not playing with it. Within reason of course. No, I do not want them to share their Lego castle with their baby sister. That needs to stay far away from her so she doesn’t eat it or destroy it. Also, if it is very special or breakable, then it makes sense to keep it in a safe spot away from siblings. Overall, though, I really encourage them to share, take turns, and play together.

So, we have four fabric bins that are blue, red, yellow, and green on top of my son’s closet shelf.

The blue bin holds his toy train set, which fits way better in it.

The red bin holds his Legos, which is great because the bag the Legos were in was breaking and I didn’t have anything else to put them in until now. These are the bigger Duplo Legos. We don’t have very many of the smaller Legos and all we do have fit into one ziplock bag and put it in the Lego bin with the Duplo Legos. Then, when the younger kids want to play Legos, I just get out the Lego bin and take out the Ziplock bag and put it up high while the younger kids are playing with the bigger Legos. We don’t have very many smaller Legos yet but I am thinking I will put them in their own container with a lid soon.

Red and blue toy storage bin with chalkboard label

The yellow fabric bin has knight and horses’ figurines, Princess figurine, random figurines, Mr. Potato head and accessories, and my little pony toys in there. And Botley, though I think Botley is going to move into the Miscellaneous bin, since there is more space in there.

The green and last bin is miscellaneous for toys that don’t match any of the other descriptions and we don’t want on the white toy shelf in his bedroom.

Honestly, I’m thinking of going through the miscellaneous box and getting rid of more toys, like almost all of the ones in there. I’m going to wait a while though to see if the kids ask for anything out of there though.

Yellow and green toy storage bin with chalkboard label

Also, on his closet shelf, he has his metal Lincoln log container, a container of wooden blocks that they came in, and a wooden tumbling tower game.

In his closet on the ground he has some tent building poles in a bucket so my kids can make forts of all types. We also keep a lot of the kid books on a small bookshelf in his closet. It is easy to get to for the kids, but helps keep the baby from getting to it to often and taking down all the books since we can close the closet doors. .

The Toy Shelf

Close up of toy storage shelf

In his toy shelf, the tops three cubes have his take along playmobile fire station, which has a lid that closes and locks so his little baby sister can’t get into it. The middle cube has his playmobile fire truck, and the other cube has his playmobile ambulance.

The Second Row has a Fisher-Price Noah’s Ark, the middle cube has the cutest cardboard box with car decorations that I got on sale from Joann Fabrics. In there we keep all of his cars. The third cube we keep all of his dinosaurs.

The bottom row has a wooden musical chicken that my baby girl got for Christmas, the middle shelf has my son’s spaceship, along with a few other baby toys. The last cube has some more wooden baby toys and some other random baby toys. The rest of the baby toys went in the girl’s room in a pink fabric bin, I just put it on the floor of their closet.  

Now I’m sure the items on the shelf will be different as time goes on and the kids get older and get different toys.

I’m sure the exact placement of the different toys will be different too when the kids are putting the toys away. I’m okay with that. I’m just happy that this makes it easier to have my kids pick up after themselves. Here’s how it looks sometimes when they clean it themselves.

Sometimes it’s pretty organized, like the first pic below and sometimes it is less organized like the second picture below. However, it never looks less organized than this, so that is a big win! It still looks pretty good.

Boys room storage cube
Toy Storage shelf and tonka truck wall pictures design

Also, next to the toy shelf we keep the toy castle. It just fits well there in the corner.

One thing that really helped me organize and get this done it having help.

My mom came into town and helped me with decluttering and organizing (And decorating). She was a huge help! Thanks, Mom!!!

We went through each box together and got rid of and donated toys that we had multiples of or were broken or even dingy. Then we put them in their new toy bins. I had actually already gone through a lot of the toys about a month or so before my mom visited. So, this allowed us to get rid of the stuff I missed that were broken or that we had multiples of, or that I just missed.

It is so nice having the bigger toy bins. They fit his toys so much better! Before, for instance, his trains were sticking out the train bin and making the sides bulge out. Now in their new storage bin, they fit perfectly and have extra room for more trains. Same with the Legos. They fit so much better now!

It really has been so amazing for keeping his room clean!

I can tell it is also a lot less overwhelming for all my kids to clean up their toys. I feel like they have been playing with their toys more. Whenever they want a toy on the closet shelf, they just ask me to get it down for them and I do.

 It really helps control the mess since they can’t dump all the toys in the different bins at once. I do allow them to get down two bins at once if they want to play with them together. Like, if they are building with blocks and want some figurines to play with it. Otherwise, they have to clean up their other toys before getting more out.

We love the way everything turned out!

What do you think? Do you have other toy room tips for organizing toys? Let me know in the comments and please share this post!

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