Thank You Teachers For All you Do During Distance Learning Homeschool

Teacher working on laptop

Can I be honest and say that this Distance Learning Homeschooling is hard!

And overwhelming with all the resources being thrown at me all the time!

I feel the complete pressure of making my kids are well educated and ready for the next grade!

It is a lot!

At first, I thought, I can do this. It is not too bad. It is only a couple of weeks, then we have spring break. After Spring break, I only have a couple more weeks of homeschooling before the kids are back in school at the beginning of May. I can do this!

Then they changed it on me! I now have to homeschool my second grader and Kindergartener for the rest of the school year which goes through May.

I felt overwhelmed again!

Thank goodness for Spring Break. It is giving me time to take a break, gather myself, and say I can do this.

We can do this!

My kids can do this!

Before, I shared the pressure of schooling with my kids’ school teachers. Yes, I was doing my part at home helping them with homework, and reading, and whatever they needed help with or are struggling with. I knew also that they were being well taught at school also. So, it wasn’t as stressful!

Luckily, I calmed down a bit and don’t feel as overwhelmed.

I feel the support of my kids amazing teachers and that helps me a lot!

 I know that I am, in fact, not actually alone. These teachers still care about their students, about my kids, and want us to be successful.

That helps me to feel way less overwhelmed because I know they are also keeping track of what my kids are doing academically and giving me great resources.

Now, when I am bombarded with tons of home school resources from Facebook or Pinterest, I look at them and see if any look like something I can do and want to do. I can also store them in the back of the mind to do during summer.

Normally though, I take my kids’ teacher recommendations of websites and things they like a lot because they know my kids and the kids in their classroom. I trust them to recommend sites that they feel like will really help us. That will help our kids be successful.

I have even gotten schedules and expectations from my kids’ teachers of what they normally do at school each day at how many levels or minutes they expect the kids to spend on each website and activity.

That has helped immensely!

My daughter’s teachers even keep in contact with us through a private Facebook group where we can send in pictures of our kids doing their schooling. Then my kids get to see their classmates, who they miss seeing.

Both of them watch videos of their teachers teaching since after Spring Break until the end of the school year and have daily time where the kids can video in and talk to each other and their classmates.

Teachers are amazing and all the technology we have to make this distance learning homeschooling easier is amazing!

I just want to say thank you! Thank you teachers for all you do! For what you do when you were teaching our kids in the classroom, for what you do now during this distance learning homeschooling to make sure our kids are still learning! We really appreciate it!

Teacher working on laptop

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