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102 Fun Things to do this Summer with Kids without Spending a lot of Money

I created a list of 102 fun things to do this summer with kids without spending a lot of money. I purposefully made most of these items be things that you can do at home that don’t cost a lot of money, though some of them mention going into town, but hopefully still don’t cost too much. This list has actually been so helpful for me as a mom. Sometimes I forget about all the fun things there are to do.  Yes, they have their toys and love them, but they also love doing new activities. Having a list of...

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What will Summer Look like this Year for Us?

It is the last week of home school distance learning for my kids. They have done so well with it and I am so proud of them. They are ready for summer break! But what will summer look like this year for us? Normally in the summer we do swim lessons and go to the swimming pool almost every weekend. Will that be possible this year? Will the pool even open up? W normally do community activities like a community play. I already know that the community play has been canceled this year for them. We also like to go...