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13 Ways to Practice Self-Care when you are Grumpy in Front of Your Kids

If we want our kids to learn to handle their emotions in a positive way, then we need to be an example of that. We need to analyze how we act during different situations. If we are having a bad day, do we storm around the house getting mad at the smallest things? All while our kids are watching us. Or do realize “Hey, I am really in a bad mood, what can I do to help myself feel better and snap at the kids less?”  Maybe we can take a break and lay on the bed for a few...

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7 Thoughtful Ways Parents can Help Kids Calm Down

Sometimes it can be really hard to get a child to calm down and tell you why they are upset. They are crying or screaming in distress and having a hard time. Sometimes because they are frustrated, or got hurt, or feel upset, or sad. They are little after all and are learning how to deal with all the different feelings that come with being human. They watch us very closely to see how we react to them and how we react to other things in our life. They are learning by example how to deal with their emotions. So,...

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Home is Where the Baby Grows

Parenting is hard! We all know that. However, when we parent with love and patience, our children will grow to become independent, caring, and responsible adults.  Our parenting style has a lot to do with how our kids and homes feel. I really believe in positive parenting. In parenting with love. I want to lift my kids up! To help guide them through difficult times. What I want most is for my kids to feel loved and safe! I want them to know I love them more than anything and will always be there for them when they need me. ...