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15 Ways to Help Children Find Normalcy During Difficult Times

Children’s lives have been turned around and upside down like a lot of ours have been recently. How can we help them feel a sense of normalcy and safety? We are now having to stay home. They can no longer go to school, or friends’ houses, or the playground. This is tough on them and tough on us. I know my children loved going to school, loved their teachers, and loved hanging out with friends. They can no longer go to after school activities like soccer or dance. They’ve had to miss field trips and other fun activities. They have...

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Home is Where the Baby Grows

Parenting is hard! We all know that. However, when we parent with love and patience, our children will grow to become independent, caring, and responsible adults.  Our parenting style has a lot to do with how our kids and homes feel. I really believe in positive parenting. In parenting with love. I want to lift my kids up! To help guide them through difficult times. What I want most is for my kids to feel loved and safe! I want them to know I love them more than anything and will always be there for them when they need me. ...