Simple and Fun Halloween Carnival Ideas for Family Fun!

Simple and Fun Halloween Carnival Ideas for Family Fun Header with picture of two jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

This year for Halloween we decided to do a carnival with just our little family. We don’t have any extended family that lives close by and because of Covid19, we decided to just keep it small.

We had the kids help craft and make a lot of the things for our simple Halloween family carnival. They loved helping out!

The school did do a Halloween drive-through where the teachers and administrators were dressed up and outside, keeping social distance for safety. The kids were all dressed up also. So we just drove up and they gave each child a bag of candy. Then we pulled on through the line and waved at everyone. The student aged children even got their picture taken for the school yearbook.

Then after we got home, we started crafting and cooking. For dinner Friday night, the night before Halloween, we had mummy brats and made mummy cookies out of Oreos. Both were so delicious

It was really simple. We just melted white chocolate chips 30 seconds at a time. Then we put an Oreo in the melted white chocolate until completely covered and put it on parchment paper. Once all of the cookies we want to make are covered, we put the rest of the white chocolate in a sandwich baggie and cut off the corner. Then drizzle more white chocolate to make it look like a mummy. You can also add candy eyes. It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed helping.

For dinner on Halloween, we had mummy pizza and my oldest made a fun fruit bowl that looked like it had monster eyes in it. The monster eyes ere made out of kiwi. It was delicious and so nice to have fruit to snack on all night and not just candy.

We also Carved Pumpkins the day before Halloween and put a candle in them in preparation for the festival so we could light them and use them as decoration for our simple family Halloween Carnival.

Simple Halloween Family Carnival Activities we played at our Carnival:

  • Bean Bag Toss
Homemade Bean Bag Toss with Orange Bean Bags made from a cut up shirt

This was really simple, we bought an x-large bright orange plain men’s t-shirt. Then we cut out big circles and put beans in the middle.  Next, we gathered all the edges together and tied it tight using yellow yarn.

My husband also made an easy bean bag toss board. He just go a decent sized board and nailed trim on it to make 6 places to toss the bean bag. Then he put a little piece of wood at the bottom of each section for the beanbag to fall on. If your bean bag lands on one, then you get the candy that is on that board.

The kids loved it!

  • Ring Toss
Halloween Carnival ring toss game made out of small apple juice bottles and small yogurt smoothies

This was also simple. We just bought a case of 8 oz apple juice bottles and a case of yogurt smoothie drinks. On the day of the carnival, we just set them out randomly, but pretty close together.

For the rings we just bought a couple packages of glow stick and put each one together to make a little the ring.

The kids had a lot of fun trying to toss the glow stick rings over the drinks. They also loved just playing with the glowsticks and running around with them.

  • Pumpkin Bowling
Pumpkin Bowling Carnival activity with plastic cups decorated like candy corn and a painted plastic pumpkin to bowl with and two jack-o-lantern pumpkins as decoration.

All we did for this one was get some clear plastic cups. Then the night before Halloween we put construction paper around them to make them look more fun. For these, we decided to make them look like candy corn. We had the kids help craft everything for the carnival and they loved it!

For the bowling ball, we just used a plastic pumpkin that was half painted from the year before. My kids finished painting it and it was perfect for bowling with!

My kids even got rocks from the side of our house to make a bowling alley. I loved it!

  • Pin Pong Ball Toss

For this, we just bought a set of 6 orange ping pongs at the store. Then we drew Jack-o-lantern faces on them with sharpies. We then threw the ping balls into clear plastic cups that we decorated with construction paper and added jack-o-lantern faces to

  • Hang up donuts

This was also fun and so simple. We just put up a rope across our patio and then hung yarn tied around donuts and hung them from the rope. You can even decorate the donuts with candy eyes or other Halloween inspired things if you want. The kids had a lot of fun trying to eat their donuts without their hands.

  • Apple Bobbing

After we did all the activities up above, we did apple bobbing. We just got a big bowl of water in it and put apples in it. We wanted to do this near the end because it was kind of cold outside and we thought they might get really wet and we didn’t want them to get cold.

They really didn’t get wet at all though, except for my son who went first. He had a hard time biting an apple so I told him he can try getting the stem of the apple and see if that helped. It did and all the kids got their apples that way, which made it so no one else got wet except my son.

  • Caramel Apples
Delicious looking caramel apple covered in colorful sprinkles of different shapes and sizes

What should we do with the apples the kids just got in the last game? Make caramel apples of course. We decided to make homemade caramel in advance because we love the way homemade caramel tastes. It is so delicious. We used the caramel squares you can buy at the store and just found a recipe online.

Then one at a time the kids dipped their apples in the caramel, using a spoon to cover the apple completely with the caramel. Then we found the best ways to put toppings on was to sprinkle it on.

We had the option of lots of different sprinkles to put on and also crushed heath bars. Delicious!

Doing a Halloween carnival was so fun and very easy to throw together.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. If you want to spend the extra time to make it more fancy and decorated, then go for it.

Know though that it can still be a lot of fun even if you don’t have a lot of time to put things together. We did most of our preparation the night before Halloween and it didn’t take very long. My kids loved helping with the preparations and doing crafts to make the different games, treats, and food.

Maybe next year I will add some more cute festive decorations and have a more extravagant carnival, or maybe I won’t.  We will see how everything is going next year. No matter what, I know I want to have a Halloween Family Carnival again and it will be fun no matter what we do.

So be creative and have fun with your family!

Do you have any fun Halloween carnival ideas or Halloween Traditions? Let me know in the comments and follow me on Pinterest.

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Pin Image Two orange Jack-o-lantern pumpkins Simple and fun Halloween Carnival Ideas for Family Fun

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