My 2nd Baby’s Pregnancy and Birth Story

Women pregnant and making a heart with her and husband's hand on her stomach.

Today, I wanted to share my pregnancy and birth story of my 2nd child and my only son. Yes, he is surrounded by 3 sisters but they all love each other and get along really well most of the time.

Honestly, getting pregnant with James was a surprise. My oldest was only 13 months old and I hadn’t even had a period yet since I had my oldest.

Yes, I knew there is a chance to get pregnant before you have your first period after having a baby. The internet made it sound like that wasn’t likely to happen and I just didn’t worry about it.

Even though I was only 22, I was happy to have another baby.

In fact, I didn’t even know I was pregnant for a few months at first. I had no morning sickness, which was so nice, since I definitely did with my oldest and my 2 girls after my son.

I don’t show a lot when I’m pregnant, so I didn’t even really notice my stomach changing too much.

My husband finally convinced me to take a pregnancy test because I guess I was a little extra emotional. And because I had a bad migraine one night, so bad that I threw up. I tend to get more migraines when I’m pregnant, but I get them other times as well, so it didn’t seem like a sign of pregnancy for me at the time.

My husband thought otherwise.

So, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I went to the doctors a few weeks later and they couldn’t find his heart beat. They assured me it was most likely because I was probably less than 6 weeks long.

Since I didn’t have a period between babies, they used that to guess I was due in April.

I go to the doctors again a month later, when we thought I was about 10 or 11 weeks along. Again, they couldn’t find his heartbeat.

They were really calm about it and just went and got an ultrasound. They were so calm that I didn’t even worry about it. Luckily, they did a quick ultrasound and found his heart beating and he was healthy as can be.

I was very impressed with how calm they stayed in a situation where it could have meant a much different and sadder thing to not find a heartbeat.

I went to the 12-week dating Ultrasound soon after. Remember, I tend to be very small and I just don’t look too pregnant during my pregnancy. I had people ask about a month before I’m due with my kids if I’m pregnant, and then they are always shocked when I say “Yes, I’m due in a month.” They always think I’m only 3 or 4 months along.

To me, I always think I look pretty pregnant at the end, but I guess most people don’t see my bare stomach like I do. I don’t ever look super pregnant though, like I’m going to give birth any moment.

Anyway, I’m lying on the table at my 12-week Ultrasound and the Ultrasound tech is moving her ultrasound wand around my belly and I am looking at the screen at this teeny tiny little baby in me, which is so amazing.

However, we notice my baby on the Ultrasound didn’t look super tiny like they normally look at 12 weeks along.

Then the Ultrasound tech turns to me and asks how far along am I again?

I say about 12 weeks and I’m due in April. She looks at me and goes “No, this baby is actually 18 weeks along, and your due date is actually in the middle end of February.”

What? I was so surprised.

That is quite a jump from thinking you’re only like 12 weeks along to actually being 18 weeks along. That’s 6 weeks further along than we thought.

It was crazy!

Then I go to my next doctor’s appointment a few weeks later when I was about 21 or 22 weeks along. She goes to look for the heartbeat and again they can’t find it.

Remember now, that when I went in the first time and they thought I was less than 6 weeks along, I was actually about 11 weeks along and they couldn’t find the heartbeat until they did an ultrasound.

Same with a month later when they thought I was 10 weeks along; I was really 16 weeks along and again they couldn’t find the heartbeat at first and had to use an Ultrasound.

So, it’s crazy that again at about 21 or 22 weeks along they can’t find it. They remained very calm and professional and got the ultrasound and thankfully found his heartbeat again. He was healthy. The doc said that because of the position he was in that they couldn’t find his heartbeat with just a stethoscope.

Luckily, at every doctor appointment after that they were able to use the stethoscope to find his heartbeat easily.

But it’s crazy that for about 21 months, they couldn’t find his heartbeat with a stethoscope because of the position he was in inside my womb. I’m so glad he was healthy and the Ultrasound picked it up just fine.

My pregnancy went really well, even with the surprise change of my baby boy’s due date!

I tried to talk to my oldest about it, even though she was still a toddler. She was only 13 months old when I got pregnant with her little brother. So, she was 22 months old when he was born.

At the end of the pregnancy, I was feeling a little tired and at times felt ready for him to come. This is funny because with my first I felt like I could just be pregnant forever and it wouldn’t bother me, though I’m sure it would have eventually. So, yeah, I was definitely feeling more exhausted and done this time around.

Hands placed on pregnancy stomach in heart shaped

2 weeks and a day before my due date, he was born!

Was I ready at all? Nope! I don’t think I even had a hospital bag together. I did have a list of things to put in the bag and I threw everything all in real fast.

I was very surprised he was coming so early. I was actually really worried about it because what if he wasn’t ready to come yet?

Though I knew normally at that point they are healthy a lot of the time. It still threw me for a loop and I did feel concerned. Looking back, I wonder if they got his due date wrong. I hear that the later in pregnancy you go in to find the due date, the less accurate it is and I didn’t get my dating scan until I was 18 weeks along, unknowingly of course.  

Here is my Labor Story:

At midnight I woke up to a gust of water and I knew that my water had broken. I didn’t have any contractions or anything.

So, I woke up my husband and called my brother, who lived in town, to come over and watch my oldest, who was sound asleep in her bed.

My brother had to sleep on the couch, but he didn’t complain. What a trooper!

Then off to the hospital we went. The nurse was able to do some type of test and tested the fluid to show if it was amniotic fluid or not, which it was.

I still wasn’t having contractions. About 2 hours later, I had the option of waiting until noon to see if the contractions would start on their own, or take some medicine right away to be induced.

I chose to wait. Then I asked my midwife if I could go home and come back the next day.

She was very startled by that question and said no one had ever asked her that before, but it was fine and I just had to come in no later than noon. If my contractions hadn’t started on their own, I would have to be induced then.

She said they like babies to come within 24 hours of the water breaking so the baby and I wouldn’t get an infection. Of course, I could come back earlier if my contractions started.

I got home around 3 or 3:30 and slept. I really wanted to be home so I could be home when my oldest woke up. She was only 22 months and I didn’t want her to wake up and be upset asking where I was.

I was able to snuggle with her in the morning and spend some time together.

My husband’s mom was able to get to my place around noon, she lived about one and a half hours away, which was so helpful, to watch my oldest, since my brother had college classes to go to.

So back to the hospital at noon I went and still I had no contractions.

They then induced me. Almost instantly I got some very painful contractions. Luckily for me, the anesthesiologist got their right away and gave me an epidural, which I was so grateful for.

After the epidural was in, they had to give me a urine catheter and the nurse said I might feel it a little because the epidural might not had numbed that area yet.

So, she put the catheter in and yes, I definitely felt it, it was quite uncomfortable. The nurse even said “Yup, you definitely felt that.”

After that I was able to relax and nap and wait for when my baby was going to be born.

Pregnant women's belly with her hands in a heart shape on her baby bump.

Time to Push:

Finally, around, I don’t even know, maybe 9:30. I felt intense pressure, signaling it’s going to be time to push soon. I’ve never felt it that intense before or after.

 It was painful and very uncomfortable. I tried to just keep breathing and relaxing. We told the nurses I felt ready to push, and they were like not yet, don’t push yet.

So, then I actively was trying not to push since the pressure sensation was so intense, I thought my body was pushing without me even trying to push.

Luckily a nurse noticed and said not to try to hold it in, just be calm, relax and don’t actively push.

So, I did and that helped a little. I was also feeling nauseous so my husband had a pan I could throw up into if I needed to, which I did a little bit, then it would get rinsed out.

Then the midwife and nurse were getting ready and it was time to push.

Then, I felt burning!

You guys, I was feeling the ring of fire that people talk about! But I wasn’t supposed to be feeling that!

I had an epidural after all.

Plus, the pressure was getting super intense and painful. I realized then that my epidural had only half worked. My legs and stomach were numb, but for some reason my pelvic area wasn’t, which is why I felt all this pressure and burning and why I felt the catheter go in at the very beginning. I thought then I just wasn’t numb yet.

They told me to push and I really tried a few times, but I honestly thought my baby’s head would never come out. It was painful.

It felt like I was trying to push out a bowling ball!

The nurse was like, don’t you want to have this baby today? I felt so uncomfortable and I was thinking: “I just want everything to stop and to go home and come back the next day and try again. Then hopefully the epidural would work correctly and I wouldn’t be feeling any of the pain or pressure or burning feeling. Then my baby will be born and everything would be good and less painful.

Obviously, that wasn’t an option. Plus, I was excited to meet my little baby boy, I just wasn’t prepared for the pressure and burning.

Luckily, the nurse rallied me and said “You’re almost there, I can see his head. Just a few more big pushes!”

Soon after, his head came out and the pressure was way less. The umbilical cord was wrapped around my baby’s neck 3 times, which I think is a lot. Luckily, they got it unwrapped right away and he was just fine.

The midwife told me that during the next contraction to push the rest of his body out. This was scary to me because I just kept thinking it was going to be so difficult and painful like pushing out the head was because now his shoulders had to come out and shoulders seem wide.

Even though I know that normally the shoulders are no problem at all and the head is the hardest to get out.

I nodded my head, and then I threw up in a pan on the side of my bed. As I threw up, I felt the rest of my baby come shooting out of me. It was the weirdest feeling ever. Hopefully, this isn’t TMI, but it felt like he just slipped right out of me while I threw up.

I was way less painful than getting the head out. Thankfully!

The midwife and nurses were surprised and were like “okay, I guess we’re not waiting until the next contraction. This works too.” Then they pulled out the placenta, which I barely even noticed.

He was born at 10:10pm perfectly healthy!

The midwife said that the umbilical cord was unnaturally long and connected on the side of the placenta instead of the middle, so she was going to send it to the lab and have it tested. I never heard any more about it. I probably should have asked.

I was instantly in love with my baby boy as he snuggled with me while I held him on my chest in wonder over how perfect he was!

He instantly stopped crying as soon as he was laid on my chest and was content with just me holding him. I imagine he could hear my heartbeat and my voice and felt warn all snuggled up, which was probably comforting to him.

We had decided his name in advance and it fit him perfectly. We love him so much!

Breastfeeding went much better with him than my first.  He naturally had his mouth open so wide while he was rooting for breastmilk. Yes, it was still a little painful, just way less than with my first. Though my first was extremely painful for a lot of different reasons. That’s another story though.

I was able to exclusively breastfeed my baby boy, which I am so grateful I was able to do that for him and my other children.

The after cramping was still so painful. It seemed to be worse the first minute of every breastfeeding session. Breastfeeding does help your uterus contract down the size, and you definitely feel the cramping. It is painful and I definitely stayed on top of the medicine the hospital gives you. It was only ibuprofen, I’m pretty sure.

I did tear a little bit when he was born, but nothing too bad.

My mom was able to fly in and be there by like 10:30pm, even though my son was born 2 weeks and a day early. She was able to just jump on the plane and come. It is always super helpful to have her with me when I have a baby. She normally stays about 2 weeks. My mother-in-law is also great to have around. She normally comes for like a week the day my mom leaves to go home, since my mother-in-law only live 1 ½ hours away then.

On the day we were released from the hospital, my husband had to run and buy a car seat because we didn’t have one yet. Remember, he was born a couple weeks early. Luckily, he found one we liked easily at Walmart. He put the base in the car securely then went to get us to take us home from the hospital.

It is always amazing how small newborns look in car seats, and cribs, and really, they are just so small and grow so fast! It’s like you forget how small newborn babies are when they are first born!

Coming home that day, my oldest daughter loved him right away.

She was very caring of him. One of the funny things she did was go and try to give her newborn baby brother food from dinner. She was only 22 months old. It was so sweet, but we had to teach her that babies only drink breast milk or bottle milk until they are older. We kept a close eye on her, but she understood super-fast that she shouldn’t try to feed the baby and only mom could, because I was exclusively breastfeeding.

Then we had the cutest newborn photoshoot of him. My favorites were him snuggled in a white blanket laying in a toy tonka truck. That picture is in his room today with similar pictures from when he was 8 months and a year old. All with the same tonka truck in the pictures.

It is just so cute!

It fits perfectly in his room that his vehicle themed. He loves cars and truck and planes and trains of all types. I am hoping to have a room reveal ready later this month.

Of course, we got a lot of beautiful and adorable pics of him! And some with him and my daughter and my husband and me. Even some with my mom. I am a huge fan of newborn photography! I think it is worth every penny personally!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my son’s birth.

I think it is so great to hear about other people experiences with childbirth and how different each person’s experience is. It is even different with each child. We can learn a lot about what to expect from listening to others experience.

Tell me about your experiences in the comments! I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by! Check out some of my other articles about parenting and check out my posts about my son’s room. Enjoy!

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