Moving is a Family Adventure!

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We are planning on moving across the country soon.

It will definitely be an adventure!

Ever since we have been actively looking for new jobs, we’ve been already preparing the kids for a move, since we are planning to hopefully move within the year.

I have a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old who are perfectly happy with wherever we go and do.  My 6-year-old son is very excited about the thought of moving. He asks “Mom, are we going to move next week?”

“No, it might be a while, we are just planning for moving and thinking about it right now.”

My oldest though, is the opposite. She is in third grade and was very upset about the thought of moving.

I knew she would be. She is more sensitive to things like that and does not like change.

Plus, she is old enough to really make good friends and understand that she would leave them behind.

I knew I needed to give her lots of time to think about moving, even though we didn’t know when we were going to yet exactly. She needed time to process and think about her feelings and deal with them.

We really uptalked a lot about all the fun things about moving.

We would be living closer to grandma and grandpa and could see them way more. We would be closer to her cousins, who she loves to play with.

It would be green and beautiful. As much as we love the desert and its beauty, I am so excited to be going back to where it is green. We talked about living near some natural water sources that she could play and swim in during the summer and all the fun adventures we could have.

We talk about how there is a good possibility she would get her own room since we are planning to go from a 3-bedroom house to a 4-bedroom house.

We even talked about how we would split up the cute decorations between her and her sister’s room. These things make her way more excited about moving.

My oldest (and me to be honest) are really hoping that the new house will have a playroom space for their toys. She especially wants space to made and design an 18-inch dollhouse, which I think would be such a fun project!

The truth is, it is time for a change for our family.

 We are outgrowing our 3-bedroom, 1300 square ft. house. We have 4 kids. 3 girls and 1 boy.

My son gets his own room, for a while 2 of my daughters have bunk beds in the other room and the baby sleeps in my room in her crib.

However, she recently moved out of her crib into her sisters’ room. We even bought triple bunk beds to make it work, but I feel it will only work so well while they are small.

Yes, it is sad to move. Even for me.

I love the house we are living in. We have finally gotten it to a place where it is decorated and looking so nice. I love our 10 ft ceilings and our breakfast nook where my husband DIYed some benches to fit in that space perfectly.

I love the small fenced-in backyard with grass and a trampoline that allows my kids to play in safely without me worrying about them wandering off.

However, we would like a bigger house for the kids to run around in and be loud.

A place where I can tell them to go play in the basement so I can have some peace and quiet and they can still run around having a ton of fun being as loud as they want to be.

We are so excited about the thought of having an even bigger backyard and I am hoping for one that is backed to a forest of trees to explore and enjoy like I did as a child.

I am so excited to live close to natural bodies of water where we can drive to in less than 30 minutes to go swimming. Maybe even as close as 5 to 10 minutes away.

I am so excited for the hiking and spending time in nature.

I tell my kids all about the amazing fun opportunities we could have that are different than here, like exploring forests in our backyard.

My oldest is really excited about the thought of having a garden and growing watermelon.

I tell her and all my kids about how when I was a child, we had a watermelon grown unexpectedly in our front yard. We did not plant it; it must have been from spitting out watermelon seeds earlier in the season.

I tell them about how we had wild blackberries and raspberries growing in our backyard and how fun and delicious they were to pick and eat.  

I really am truly excited to move and see what our next adventure will be.

I really hope it will be magical for my kids.

I know at first settling in, starting at a new school, making new friends will be stressful and hard. We will yearn for our old friends and for familiarity. I am hoping my friends will make friends fast, especially my oldest two.

We are preparing for our next adventure in life and can’t wait to see where it will take us as a family and individual!

How we will grow and explore and learn new things!

Moving is a family adventure that we are excited to take for our next step in life!

How do you feel about moving? Let me know in the comments and pin this to Pinterest.

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