How to Make a Fun Yarn Pompom Snowman!

5 DIY Pompom Snowman that are very fun and colorful.

As one of our 12 Days of Christmas activities from a few weeks ago, we made a Fun Yarn Pompom Snowman as a family. They turned out so cute!!!

Seriously, the kids did a great job making them and they have held up so well to a lot of playing, since my kids played with them all the time, and not always gently either.

I’ve been really impressed with how well these fun yarn pompom Snowman have all stayed together.

My husband and I helped with the hot glue gun and helped the younger kids make theirs. They chose the colors they wanted for their snowman’s buttons, nose, scarf, the pom-pom on the hat, the mouth, and even what size googly eyes they wanted on their snowman, while we glued it on for them. It was so cute!

I’m going to put the snowmen in our Christmas Décor box if they last the season, though I think we might also make new ones next year. It was just so much fun and the kids got a lot of playtime out of it!

The kids also had a great idea to make a Winter Wonderland Box for their snowmen using all the yarn that was snipped off from the snowmen.

That was such a fun and great idea. We just grabbed any box we had that was on the smaller side but could fit all the snowman. Then we put all the white yarn snipping’s in it as snow and put the snowmen in there.

Of course, there are many ways you can go all out to decorate the box. Let your kids be creative. They can draw a winter wonderland snowscape with trees and mountains, or make it night time with stars and the moon, or daytime with the sun and clouds. Maybe make trees out of felt or construction paper and glue them onto the back of your box.  Let them be creative and go at it and have fun!!!

This is a craft you can still do for this winter or save for next winter.

For this craft, we actually bought a craft set at Walmart that came with a bunch of different colored small pompoms, different colored pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. It was perfect for this craft. Then we bought white yarn also. Everything else we already had. Below is a list of all supplies needed and how to make a Yarn Snowman!

How to Make a Fun Yarn Pompom Snowman:

Supplies needed:

Supplies needed for Pompom Snowman; White yarn, Cardboard cut into rectangles, Colorful Pompoms, Black felts, Googly Eyes, Colorful pipe cleaners, Hot glue gun and hot glue, and scissors
  1. White Yarn
  2. Cardboard cut into 3 different small sized rectangles like in the picture (they don’t need to be perfect).
  3. Colorful Pompoms
  4. Black Felt for hat
  5. Googly eyes
  6. Colorful pipe cleaners
  7. Hot Glue Gun and glue for Hot Glue Gun
  8. Scissors

Additional Supplies for the Winter Wonderland Box:

  1. A Box of any size
  2. Keep yarn leftovers when trimming down snowman for Winter Wonderland Box
  3. Any craft supplies you have to decorate the Winter Wonderland Box (Like Stickers, crayons, felt, etc. Be Creative)

Directions to make a Fun Yarn Pompom Snowman

  1. Cut Cardboard into three different sized rectangles like in the picture. These are pretty small.
  2. Wrap a lot of white yarn around the three different Cardboard pieces. Wrap in one direction so you can slide all the yarn off. You need to wrap a lot of yarn around each cardboard piece. These will be the three different balls for the snowman. You can put as much yarn around them as you want to make each ball even bigger or smaller if you want a small snowman.
  3. Slide the yarn off the cardboard pieces. Do one at a time.
  4. Then tie a piece of white yarn around the yarn you just slid off the cardboard, so that the loops will stay in place and the pompom will stay together when you cut the loops in step 6. Pull the yarn really tight and I mean really really tight. It actually hurt my hands a bit from pulling the string so tight! It should look like this picture below
A lot of white yarn wrapped around cardboard to make a pompom
String tied very tightly around yarn slid off of cardboard piece to make pompom.
  1. Repeat step 4 with each cardboard wrapped with yarn.
  2. Take the yarn ball that is tied and cut all the loops around making it into a pompom so there are only loose ends around the whole pompom. So no loops are left.
  3. Then trim down all around each ball until it is the size you want, which will also make it fluffier
  4. Hot Glue the three balls in order from small to biggest. We found the hot glue to work really well. The snowmen were a bit floppy, but stayed together really well, even with my kids playing with it a ton.
White yarn pompoms made and ordered from smallest to largest for DIY Pompom snowman.

Now Decorating your Fun Yarn Pompom Snowman!

  1. Choose 3 or more pom poms of any color to be your snowman’s buttons. Hot glue them on the middle section of your Snowman. You can even put some on the bottom section of your snowman if you want extra buttons.
  2. For eyes, choose two matching googly eyes of any size and put them on top of the head of the snowman.
  3. For his nose use a pompom of any color and hot glue it on.
  4. For the Snowman’s mouth, choose any pompoms you want and hot glue them on to make a smile or whatever facial expression you want your Snowman to have. We used lots of different colors on our Snowman’s mouth
  5. Make a snowman hat by cutting a circle that is just a little bigger than your snowman’s head.
  6. Then cut a rectangle out of the black felt that will be rolled with the edges hot glued together. Then hot glue the black felt cylinder on top of the circle piece you already cut out. For the hat top, we glued on a pompom of whatever color each kid wanted.
  7. To make a scarf, take two or three pipe cleaners of any color and twist or braid it around. Then hot glue around the snowman’s neck, hanging some of the pipe cleaner down to make it look super warm and cozy.
  8. Choose two pipe cleaners of any color to make arms for your snowman and hot glue them on.
One Pompom Snowman almost fully accessorized, with black hat being made of felt and a pink pompom.
Fun DIY Pompom Snowman completed with lots of fun colored pompoms, pipe cleaner, felt, and googly eyes.

Winter Wonderland Box (Optional)

  1. Choose a box that your Snowmen fit in nicely.
  2. Decorate it with stickers, paint, crayons, whatever you want. It can be a night scene, a forest scene, daytime, whatever you want. You can even make trees out of felt or construction paper and glue them on.
  3. Put the yarn scraps leftover from trimming down the yarn pompoms on the bottom of the box to use as Snow.
  4. Place Snowmen in the Winter Wonderland Box and have fun playing!

Now your Snowman is finished and has a fun cozy home to play in and sleep in also!!!

Honestly, our Winter Wonderland Box didn’t last too long, but the kids had a lot of fun decorating it and playing with it while it lasted.

Even after the Winter Wonderland Box got destroyed, my kids loved playing with their Snowman and they are still going strong and in good shape even though it is like 3 weeks later.

All the Snowmen my kids made turned out so cute and so individual with all the different colors they chose according to their different tastes and likes. It was such a fun activity and we will probably do it again next year.

5 fun and unique finished DIY Pompom Snowmen.

Can you ever have too many cute Yarn Pompom Snowmen around?

Let me know in the comments if you tried out this craft and how it went! Have fun crafting!!!

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