How to Go from a Dark and Gloomy Owner’s Suite to a Fun and Bright Bedroom!

My bedroom was so dark. Like really dark! I really wanted a fun and bright bedroom!

All the walls were a dark blue and even the carpet was blue. Even my bathroom was blue! Everything was just so dark!

Our son’s room was also painted the same blue, even his ceiling. Check out his Awesome Vehicle/Travel Themed Room Reveal!

Luckily, our ceiling was white, which helped make it a little brighter, but it was still so dark. It was better than my son’s room, even his ceiling was dark blue.

When thinking about this room, I knew I wanted it to be a lot brighter and have a fun, happy feeling!

Our room had some great features, like it was a nice size and we had 10-foot ceilings, which I love. Some things did need to be changed though.

I also knew I didn’t want to spend a ton of money. Except for paint and eventually new carpet.

I knew we definitely needed to paint the walls and we need to get new carpet in all the bedroom in our house.

I knew the carpet would be a light, neutral color.

Here is how my bedroom went from dark and gloomy to bright and sunny feeling.

1. Get New Bedding

Our original bedding was brown and cream. I actually liked it a lot, but I wanted something lighter and brighter to brighten up our room a little until we got around to painting.

Here’s a picture of our queen bedding set in our old apartment. Now imagine it with dark blue walls. Yeah, it was pretty dark in our bedroom.

Brown and Cream Bedding set that was used in our Dark Blue Bedroom in before Pictures.

Also, it was for a queen bed and we had upgraded a while ago to a king-size bed but hadn’t gotten around to buying new bedding!

I looked all over and I saw a lot I liked and were beautiful, but nothing was really speaking to me for the feel I wanted to have in my room right now.

My husband then surprised me with some Pioneer Women Bedding! It is called the Pioneer Women Dazzling Dahlias Comforter! I absolutely love it! It’s beautiful and so warm and thick! It also came with two Pioneer Woman Dazzling Dahlias Sham set.

New Owner's Suite Bedroom Bedding with Flowers on it and dark blue walls.

It really brightened up our room! I loved it! It has a white background with lots of bright and fun flowers!

My husband know I love Pioneer Women items and knew I would love this. Which I did!

It was just so bright and happy and pretty! Exactly what I wanted!

We also got a pretty pioneer women laundry basket that I loved!

I really loved it.

You can even see that our baby’s yellow quilt that a friend for church made us just happens to match our bedding perfectly also!

2. Paint!

 We were finally ready to paint!

At first, I was thinking about going a pretty light green color. Or a pretty light blue. I thought it would look really great with the bedding set and our Pioneer Women Laundry Basket. Here are some of the colors we were looking at.

Bright Bedding close up with a few paint sample cards in light green and light blue.
Flower Laundry basket with paint samples to figure out wall color on  Bedroom Wall

We found a shade we thought we liked, but then my husband brought home a paint color book from home depot that showed a lot of different popular colors.

This light yellow just stood out to us.

I mean, it was like glowing in our room!

It looked like the prettiest, softest yellow color. It is called Frittata Yellow.

So, we went with it and decided to paint our room Frittata Yellow. We also decided to paint our bathroom the same color, but wanted our small walk-in closet to be a brighter yellow, we thought that would be fun!

We had to paint 3 layers of white primer! Then 2 layers of frittata yellow! It took a long time, but it got done!

It was a ton of work to paint our room! In the end it was so worth it!!!

We loved the frittata yellow with our Pioneer Women bedding. It was soft and pretty and the perfect color!

Bright Owner's Suite Bedroom with walls painted yellow

3. Get rid of excess or broken Furniture!

You can see in the before pictures, when we had our new bedding that our baby was still sleeping in our room.

She was 2 and it was time to move her into the girls’ room, where we have a triple bunk bed for my girls. The bottom bed was barely off the floor, so it was safe for her to be in.

We then got rid of our crib.

Later on we also decided to get rid of my huge dresser that was falling apart.

We decluttered our clothes and decided we could get away with sharing a smaller dresser and hanging up some clothes in our walk-in closet. It’s not huge, but works for us. We don’t have a ton of clothing.

We will probably buy a new dresser set sometime in the future, but for now we are making it work.

4. Make Pillow shams (Or buy them with bedding)

Then I made some King-sized pillow shams for our bed, with my mom’s help. At one point you could buy similar one’s in the Pioneer women’s décor line, but they were all sold out. However, there was an orange/red blanket available in king size that was the same color as the other pillow shams.

So, we decided to buy that and make our own king-sized pillow shams out of the blanket! We used the Pioneer King Pillow sham as inspiration.

We also bought a yellow king-size blanket also from the Pioneer Woman Bedding Line to put on the bed and to have a less heavy blanket to use on warmer days.

The main flower quilt on top is really heavy and warm, great for winter. All the blankets were from the Pioneer Women line.

At first, we made the pillow shams way too big! It was hilarious how huge it was. We actually had only made one completed by then. Then my mom came into town and we bought some king-size pillows to put in it and two of them fit in height-wise. It was so funny!

My mom and I then redid it to make it a king size pillow size and we made a 2nd one.

Don’t you love how the Pillow shams turned out! It just adds a fun pop of color, which I love!

Bedroom Orange/Red Pillow Shams Completed!

5. Room/Wall/Dresser Decorations

We used some of the decoration we already had in our room, like the same white airy curtains.

I sent my Aunt a picture of our new bedding set and she surprised us with a beautiful bouquet of fake flowers that she arranged and put together.

I love everything about it, from all the beautiful and different flowers, to the vase she put it in!

It made a huge difference in our room and was custom-made for us. I am inspired to learn how to arrange flowers like her!

Also above our bed, as you can see in the above picture, my mom got the Love Never Fails Sign from Hobby Lobby for us, which I also love. My aunt also gave us a canvas picture she just happened to have that she thought would work perfectly in our room.

I also got the fun yellow side table to use for some clothes, like socks, since we got rid of a dresser and put the beautiful flower arrangement on top. I put them on my Illustrated Harry Potter Books 1-3 for some height so you can see the flowers even better when you come into the room.

Owner's Suite Bedroom with Fake Bouquet of Flowers that match perfectly.
Close up of Bouquet of Flowers that match perfectly

6. New Carpet (or maybe a rug if you have wood floors or just want a rug on your carpet)

Now, a lot of you will probably already have decent carpet that is just fine.

Ours however was stained before we even moved in. It looked like it had been bleached somehow.

Plus, the blue carpet just didn’t look great, I’m not a big fan of that color of carpet, and it made the room look darker.

So we got some neutral carpet in all the rooms! We really wanted something soft and light colored and neutral!

It looks great and it is so soft!!! We love it completely!

Bright Owner's Suite Bedroom Reveal with new Carpet
Fully view of updated bright and fun Owner's Suite Bedroom

We love how our beautiful, sunny, and bright bedroom turned out in the end!!!

What do you think of our fun and bright bedroom? Let me know in the comments, save this pin, and follow me on Pinterest!

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