How to Declutter Your Home Before You Move!

Decluttering home and donating items.

Ever since my husband started looking for a job on the East Coast and I knew we would be moving, I started to slowly declutter and slowly go through our home.

We decluttered so much!

It helped that we happened to paint our bedroom and my son’s bedroom a few months before we decided to look for a new job and move. So, when we went to paint, we also decluttered a little bit.

I went through pretty much every room in our house since we started looking for a new job to see what we could get rid of.

We got rid of things based on how much I liked each item, if it was broken, and if we haven’t used it for a long time and probably wouldn’t use it in the future. A lot of things we donated or if it was broken, we threw it away.

In my bedroom, which we had recently painted and decorated, here are some things we decluttered:

  1. Huge Dresser: It was falling apart with drawers always falling out and I was so done with it.
  2. A Queen size blanket we never used, even when guests were over.
  3. Our Baby Crib since our baby grew out of it and we had another place for her to sleep.
  4. Other Baby things she had outgrown, like some baby blankets. I did keep the most sentimental ones for now though.
  5. When we organized our Walk-In-Closet, I donated a lot of clothes that didn’t fit me and went through my shoes and every box in there.
  6. A few dresser decorations I didn’t love.

In the Kids Bedrooms, we didn’t declutter a lot because we had already gone through it a few times when decorating and organizing my kids’ room. Check out my blog post about organizing and decluttering my son’s toys. Also, check out my son’s Vehicle Room Reveal.

Here are some things we did declutter in my Kids rooms right before we moved:

  1. Any broken toys or toys my kids really never played with that we came across while packing, like our toy shopping cart that fell apart all the time. My kids did like it, so I am thinking of getting them one for Christmas that will not fall apart so easily.
  2. A Barbie Doll House: It was really cute, but it was breaking and needed some work and we were okay letting it go. I am planning to get a new one for the girls, probably for Christmas. I also got rid of barbies that were in really bad shape.
  3. Clothing: I went through my kids’ dressers and go rid of anything that was in really bad shape. I also put away or got rid of anything too small. For my son’s clothes, I just gave away anything too small since he is the only boy. For my girls, I did keep things my younger girls would like. My youngest baby girl, I just gave away clothes she outgrew. It was kind of hard because of sentimental stuff, but I like the idea of another baby being able to wear it.

In our living room, we didn’t have too much to declutter. I did have to go through my beautiful armoire, where I store my craft stuff. I decided to get rid of anything I wasn’t working on right then and had no plans for in the near future. Though I did keep some fabric for my oldest to use whenever she wants to. Here are some things I decluttered:

  1. Yarn: I gave most of my yarn to a good friend who crochets.
  2. Fabric: I did keep fabric I knew I had plans to use for projects. I also kept a little for my oldest to craft with.
  3. Paper Clutter: I had so much paper clutter in my armoire from the kid’s schooling, old mail, etc. I went through it and kept what I wanted for my kids’ scrapbooks and got rid of everything else.

In our kitchen, I didn’t declutter too much, just things I hadn’t used in a while. It was a lot of work to go through each cabinet and shelf. Here are some things I decluttered:

  1. Tupperware that didn’t have lids.
  2. Broken measuring cups
  3. Crockpot: We have plans to buy an Instant Pot to replace it probably
  4. Cake pans, muffin pans, and cookie sheets that were in bad shape or we had multiples of. Honestly, I do not need a ton of cake pans.
  5. Food: A week before moving, we put the food we would take with us in a box, like our seasonings and some non-perishables. Everything else we gave away to friends a couple of days before we were moving and even on the day of.

We have only two bathrooms, but there was a lot of stuff in there, so it actually took a decent time to declutter. I’m glad we did though because it made us so much more organized. Here are some things we went through and decluttered.

  1. Sheets, towels, rags: We kept most of our sheets but got rid of some crib sheets we had in there. The towels and rags we also mostly kept.
  2. Medicine: So much medicine. We had a couple of unopened bottles of children’s Tylenol. I’m guessing what happened is we couldn’t find them when our kids were sick and went out to buy a new one. We went through and got rid of all medicine that was expired, which was quite a lot.
  3. Lotions, hair supplies, sunscreen: Did you know sunscreen can expire? There were a few really old bottles we got rid of.

In our Laundry room, we had to go through our cabinets. Here are some things we went through:

  1. Grocery Bags, so many grocery bags. We have even been using mostly reusable bags we bought, but still had a lot of bags.
  2. Some broken items I meant to fix. I did keep some I loved.

Our garage was a lot of work. My husband went through his tools-type stuff and I went through other things, like baby clothes stored in there. Here are some things we decluttered.

  1. Baby Clothes: I had bins full of baby clothes from ages 0-18 Months, blankets, and baby bedding. I went through and gave away bags of baby clothes. I did decide to keep my most favorite ones, but my rule was they had to fit in one bin. Especially since we are pretty sure we are done having kids.  I gave away a lot of the blankets and some baby bedding. I decided everything else I would give to my sister-in-law within a year if we decided 100 percent, we were done having kids.
  2. Baby Bassinet: I decided to give away my baby bassinet that all my babies used. It was so cute and we even made a baby boy bassinet cover for it. I loved it, but it was time for it to go.
  3. Christmas Decoration (and Halloween/other holidays): We mainly have Christmas decorations, so we decided to go through each bin and throw away all the cheap ornaments that break easily so we could combine bins and have less to take with us. We also got rid of our old 6 ft. Christmas tree. We did keep our beautiful 9-foot tree though.
  4. Cords, old technology, tools, materials from old projects: My husband went through and got rid of all the outdated stuff. He also organized his tools and got rid of some wood.
  5. Old Paint: we got rid of all old paint that didn’t match any of the paint colors in the house. Some of the paint was there from before we moved in. We did leave the paint that matched with the house for the new owners.

Other Random Items we decluttered:

  1. Pictures. We went through our house and got rid of some pictures that just didn’t speak to us. Pictures that we didn’t love or couldn’t see in our next home. We also got rid of the pictures we never ended up hanging in our house. Those pictures I wasn’t in love with anyway.
  2. Patio Swing: We left this with our house. My husband Upcycled it and made it look so great, but it was way too big to bring. We figured we can make another one out of an old swing if we want to.
  3. Our Smoker grill: This we just gave away to a good friend.
  4. Cement Blocks: Also given to a good friend
  5. Our small charcoal grill: We gave this away to someone for free on Facebook.

We only sold a few big items decently cheaply like a week to a month before we moved so we could get rid of it fast:

  1. Our Queen Bed Mattress, box spring, and metal frame: We decided we didn’t have space in the moving truck so we sold it for cheap. We sold it for 20.
  2. Our Old Washer and Dryer: It worked fine but our townhome on the East Coast already had one and even though we are hoping to buy a house first, we figured we could buy one then if one didn’t come with the house.
  3. Piano: We did not want to move our extremely heavy piano. Pianos are heavy and we thought it would be a pain to move!
  4. Our King Bed Frame: We decided to sell our king bed frame because we didn’t think we would have room for it. We liked it, but we didn’t love it so we were okay with selling it and buying a new one after we moved.
  5. Plastic Garage Shelving: This is one where I wonder if we should have kept maybe, but my husband was okay selling it. We kept our really nice shelf, so that’s good.
  6. Go Cart: We had a Go Cart we decided to sell because it would be hard to move and it would be a lot harder to use on the East Coast. We let the kids go on it one more time and then we let it go.
  7. A Fancy Scuba Diving Watch: We haven’t been scuba diving in 10 years so we decided to sell the scuba dive watch on eBay.
  8. Grill for free with…

Honestly, I almost wish we sold our couches because they are so heavy! But in the end, I’m glad we didn’t so we had a comfortable place to sit right away.

Our house was not huge, so there weren’t that many rooms to go through. I don’t really miss anything we got rid of. It was so nice to have fewer things. I’m sure there are other things we decluttered, but I wrote down a lot of them.

Decluttering made it easier to keep our house cleaner while selling it. It also made it a lot easier to pack and move.

I really suggest you start like a year in advance and slowly start decluttering. We did start pretty early.

A few months before we moved and the weeks leading up to it, we really ramped up our decluttering and went through everything again. Then when packing, we tried to go through everything again, but it was a little harder to declutter while packing because we just wanted to get the packing done.

So, it is definitely best to declutter in advance!

Tell me, are you excited to declutter? Did you declutter before your last move? Let me know in the comments and Pin this to Pinterest please.

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Declutter your home and donate what you don't want.

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