How to Declutter and Organize a Walk-In Closet

Recently, we decided to paint our Bedroom, Bathroom, and Walk-in closet. To do so we really needed to declutter and organize our Walk-in closet also.

I’ve been wanting to organize my closet for so long now. It just seemed so busy and filled to the brim with stuff.

Going to paint the closet was the perfect motivation to organize it. I realized that I had blankets in there on a shelf that we use for when company comes. However, we actually have a box in storage that we use to store it. So why am I storing it in my closet?

As I was putting things away, I realized that I also needed to declutter. There were so many things in there that we never use or things that didn’t fit me.

Here is what our closet looked like for a while. It was just so full and unorganized! It needed a big decluttering and organizing session done.

Before picture of Walk-In-Closet with blue paint on walls.

Here are some things I decluttered and organized:


I have shoes that I haven’t worn in years. My wedding shoes were in an over-the-door shoe hanger that I haven’t worn since our wedding which was about 9 ½ years ago. I can’t believe it had almost been 10 yrs. Crazy!

My goal was to not even need to use the over the door shoe hanger anymore once I had organized and decluttered and organized the closet.

I did think about keeping my wedding shoes, since they are so pretty. However, I remember how painful they were at my wedding. So painful that I bled and wore pretty white slippers for the reception.

I tried them on anyway and went to show my kids and husband. I could barely get to the living room; it was so painful. Still, somehow, I wasn’t 100% convinced to give them away. I guess because of sentimental reasons.

However, I looked at them closely and realized the sole was coming off and they were actually falling apart. So, then I got rid of them. Crazy that I was holding on to them for 10 years! I do have a beautiful picture of them from my wedding day to remind me of them.

I did have a couple other dressier shoes that I wasn’t sure of, so I put them in storage for now.

Clothes that were too big

I also went through my clothes. My husband and I both went through our clothes a few months ago, but I needed to go through mine again. I have been losing weight since having my 4th baby over a year ago. I still had a maternity dress hanging in my closet as well as other non-maternity clothes that were too big for me.

One shirt I had not even worn and still had tags on them!

I tried on a bunch of my shirts to see how they fit. The ones that were too big I put in my maternity box since I might need them if we decide to have another baby.

I think it is fun to try on clothes, so I didn’t mind at all.

Some clothes I just put in my giveaway box. Like one that was too big and missing a button. I actually really liked that top but I hadn’t sewn on a button yet and I knew that probably never will. So away it went. As for the new shirt with tags still on it that was too big, I gave it away. I wasn’t sure how much I liked it in the first place so I was fine with it going.

Formal Dresses and Costumes

I did keep a few more formal dresses. I might give those away at some point. Or at least one or two of them.

I even had a Cinderella costume that I made in high school with my mom’s help hanging in my closet. The kids love to have me dress up in my Cinderella dress and play with them dressed in their princess/knight or spiderman costumes.

I put that dress in our costume box. Don’t worry, it is still easily accessible so I can still dress up and play make believe with my kids.

When I was putting away my Cinderella dress, I found a pretty black witch dress up dress that fit me perfectly.

I have no idea where it came from, but I loved it.  The kids thought that was fun. The dress also reminded them of Mother Gothel’s dress from Tangled.

Also hanging in my closet was my old high school prom dress. It was a shiny green/teal mermaid shape dress. It is so pretty. Anyway, I also tried that on to see if it fit, and it does! Yay!

I thought about giving it away though since I don’t think I would wear it anywhere again. I guess it feels to prom-like for me.

Plus, what’s the chance of me going out to a place where I can where such a fancy dress anytime soon.

Honestly, I would rather just buy a new one that looked more adult and sophisticated. That is just me though.

Anyway, I showed my kids the dress and they loved it and said it was so pretty.

Then my three-year-old said I was a mermaid. She said it in such a way that it just felt like she really meant it and thought it was magical. She really loved it. So, I decided to keep it and put it in my dress-up box.  

I now have some good choices now for playing make believe dress up with my kids and for next Halloween. I’m pretty excited!

I also have a classic silhouette black sparkly gown that finally fits me now that I am not breastfeeding anymore! I love that dress and am very excited it fits, though who knows when I will have a chance to wear it.

So those dresses are out of my closet now and in easily accessible storage.

Random Boxes

I had so many random boxes on my shelves and even on my floor. It was crazy!

I went through them and was able to consolidate some into just one box, like my box full of things for different holidays. Then I was able to put them in the garage where the other holiday stuff is.

Some boxes had gifts that I had stockpiled for my kids birthdays and other holidays. I was able to put those in our guest bedroom, which you have to walk outside to get to, and has a lock and key, so the kids can’t sneak in there to see what they are getting for their birthday and whatnot.

It works great!

So now for Organizing my Closet:


It was pretty simple. My Dresses had to go on the wall with no shelves since they are longer. Then we hung up all my skirts and nicer shirts on the top left bar.

I also have my girls blessing dress that was mine when I was a baby hanging there.

Don’t take my word for this, but I have heard that you that to preserve it you should wash it really good like three times, air dry it, and then throw it into a clean pillowcase for storage.

That’s right, you don’t fold it, you just throw it in. That way you don’t get any huge winkles that are hard to get out later. This was told to my mom by someone who deals with dresses for museums. It seems to be working so far.

At least that’s what I have heard. Have you heard that? Let me know!

My husband’s dress shirt and suit and dress pants are on the bottom hanging rack under my clothes. We might switch mine and his clothes at some point, but for now, we are happy.

He just needs his every day for work and I only have to get to mine when I want to dress up more or for church. So, it might be easier for his clothing to be on the top. But maybe it doesn’t matter. We’ll see.

Originally there was a wire shelf under the second rod, which made it hard to hang clothes there. We took that out because we were painting and decided to leave it out. Then my husband could hang his clothes there.

On the shelf under my shirts, I put some of my favorite books and also some date night boxes that we got from crated love.

On the other side of my closet, next to my clothes, we had some extra space. So I hung some of my baby’s dresses there, which makes it so easy to see and find the one I want her to wear.

Also, we put a basket on the closet shelf, under my baby girl’s dresses that holds her diapers, wipes, and some blankets. It is so nice for organizing and the basket makes it so cute!

How I organized my shoes

Now what to do with the rest of my shoes.

I really wanted to get rid of the over-the-door shoe organizer. It just made our room look cluttered and our closet smaller. So, after decluttering everything, painting the closet, and putting all the clothes back in it organized we found a space for our shoes.

Honestly, there are people who have way more shoes than we do. We did think about buying a shoe rack on Amazon or building a built-in shelf where the shoes are now, but then my husband took apart a metal shelf that was tall that we had reconfigured to be our shoe rack.

I’m happy with the way it organized our shoes and it didn’t cost us any money and was pretty fast to put together.

I think if we one day have more shoes than that shoe rack can fit, I would want a built-in shelf, like a book shelf kind of, to put all our shoes in.

But for now, I’m really happy with it and our shoes stay so organized, except when our sweet little one-year-old baby girl goes in there and pulls down my high heels to play with.

Seriously, she is so cute!

The Top Shelf

On the top shelf of my closet, we now only have a few things, like my wedding dress box. All the other random boxes are gone and

I think one day I do want to take my wedding dress box outside of the cardboard box so I can display my wedding dress inside the box. I would have to rearrange my wedding dress though to fill out the box better and to see the beautiful lace on the bottom of my dress and on my train.

I also kept my beautiful Tieks By Gavrieli gift card box and flower headband that came with it up there. Plus, the box and bow my actual Tieks shoes came in. I love them. I got them in Razzleberry to match one of my dresses.

And yes, I do have my 1-year-old wear the bows the Tieks shoes came with. It is so cute on her! It also fits my three-year-old and she looks beautiful in it too.

I wish they would sell the headband separately for people who just want a bunch of bows for their kids in different colors, but also still keep giving the different color bows away with their teal boxes.

Their customer service is great. The original gift card that my husband got for me got lost in the mail, and they sent us a new one no problem.

On the shelf, I also have my wedding box for cards which is full of the wedding cards we got, the book guests signed, the fancy pen they signed with, and my beautiful tiara I wore. As well as our ring boxes.

I also have a navy-blue box with a few pieces of a beautiful doll-sized china tea set. The other pieces are being displayed on a shelf in my daughters’ room.

I also have a couple of small luggage bags and a diaper bag turned swim bag up there where I keep all the kids swimming stuff together. I actually made that bag when I was pregnant with my son like 6 years ago. I love it, so I am so glad I got to repurpose it.

So, there you have it, our closet is now much more organized and we have been able to keep it that way. Decluttering has really helped a lot!

Now our closet is newly painted a nice bright yellow color called Surfboard. We really wanted it to be a fun, bright pop of color because before it was so dark in there. We love it!

It is organized, and we got new carpet in there and in all the bedrooms!

Even though it is not the biggest Walk-in Closet, I love it and it works so well for us!

Walk-In Closet painted and organized!
Walk-in-closet organized and declutterd with dresses and shirts hanging up.

Isn’t it so much better! I love it and it has been easy to keep it clean!

Tell me, how does your closet look? Do you need to organize or declutter?

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