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Walk-In Closet painted and organized! 0

How to Declutter and Organize a Walk-In Closet

Recently, we decided to paint our Bedroom, Bathroom, and Walk-in closet. To do so we really needed to declutter and organize our Walk-in closet also. I’ve been wanting to organize my closet for so long now. It just seemed so busy and filled to the brim with stuff. Going to paint the closet was the perfect motivation to organize it. I realized that I had blankets in there on a shelf that we use for when company comes. However, we actually have a box in storage that we use to store it. So why am I storing it in my...

Owner's Suite Bedroom Cover Photo 0

How to Go from a Dark and Gloomy Owner’s Suite to a Fun and Bright Bedroom!

My bedroom was so dark. Like really dark! I really wanted a fun and bright bedroom! All the walls were a dark blue and even the carpet was blue. Even my bathroom was blue! Everything was just so dark! Our son’s room was also painted the same blue, even his ceiling. Check out his Awesome Vehicle/Travel Themed Room Reveal! Luckily, our ceiling was white, which helped make it a little brighter, but it was still so dark. It was better than my son’s room, even his ceiling was dark blue. When thinking about this room, I knew I wanted it...

Close up of green dresser in boys vehicle/travel theme reveal 0

Boys Awesome Vehicle/Travel Themed Room Reveal!

Today I want to share my Son’s vehicle/travel themed room reveal! I am so excited! I think it is the cutest thing and it turned out awesome, fun, and colorful! It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do in his room. I found a lot of fun, cute, and cool decorations while looking online, but nothing that really stood out to me for my son………. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted it to be vehicle/travel themed since my son loves all things cars, trains, planes, spaceships, pretty much...