Boys Awesome Vehicle/Travel Themed Room Reveal!

Today I want to share my Son’s vehicle/travel themed room reveal! I am so excited!

I think it is the cutest thing and it turned out awesome, fun, and colorful!

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do in his room. I found a lot of fun, cute, and cool decorations while looking online, but nothing that really stood out to me for my son……….

I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do.

I knew I wanted it to be vehicle/travel themed since my son loves all things cars, trains, planes, spaceships, pretty much anything that moved.

So in his room, in the before pictures, you can see that his walls were all dark blue and even his ceiling was dark blue.

Before picture of boys vehicle/travel themed boys bedroom

Not only that, but his carpet was also blue! All the bedroom carpets were blue. I knew I definitely wanted all new carpet in all the bedrooms. The old carpet was really stained in some areas. It was like that when we bought the house, so it definitively needed updating.

It was so dark in there!

We thought he needed a new light to help brighten it up. Having the window open helped a lot, but it was still pretty dark.

We did buy a few things a few years ago. Like his cute bedframe that I absolutely love.

Grandma got my son his really cute vehicle-themed bedding set from JC Penney’s which was perfect for him! He loved it so much! He also got his fun car mat from us that year for Christmas.

The white cubicle shelf we’ve had for quite a few years, but it just had a bunch of random colored bins that were looking pretty dingy and bannered. So, I knew I wanted to replace the baskets or figure out something to make it look better and cleaner.

We also bought him his dresser from someone in town and decided to paint it green. Luckily, the people who lived here before us left some paint behind including the perfect shade of green for his dresser!

I love the way it turned out! Isn’t it so cute?

My very talented Sister-in-Law made this beautiful picture for my Son. I absolutely love it! She also made two other pics for my girls’ room that I love also. She is thinking about selling her artwork online and if she does in the future I will add a link!

Close up view of picture of boy playing with sailboat in my boys Vehicle and travel themed room

This is how my son’s room stayed for a couple of years. It was still cute but I really wanted some more decoration on his walls to pull everything together.

Finally, we painted the walls in his bedroom!

We painted the ceiling and three of the walls white, but we left the window wall blue. I loved how it turned out!

And oh my!

What a difference changing the paint color made on the brightness of the room. It is so beautiful and bright now. We no longer felt like we needed new lighting!

It’s amazing what paint can do to transform a room!

It was a lot of work to paint it since the color before was a dark blue. We had to put 3 coats of primer on the three walls and ceiling.

Three Coats of primer!!!

Then we did 2 coats of the white paint on the ceiling and the three walls!

It was worth the work and turned out amazing! It made a big difference in how his room felt and how bright it was.!

We were so glad we decided to leave the window wall blue, it saved some time and was the perfect color for an accent wall for my son’s room!

It was perfect!

Soon after, my mom came to visit and on the way home from picking her up at the airport we stopped at a Hobby Lobby near the airport.

We decided to stop there with my kids to just look around.

Then we saw it!

The perfect vehicle-themed decoration for my son’s room! I absolutely loved them so much! They were colorful and big and so cute!

They were perfect. My son absolutely loved it also!

They also had a really cute car banner that matched everything also.

I bought two car banners for full price at about 6 dollars each.

Then my mom and I bought both one of the big wall decorations for full price and the other one was 40 percent off.

Then on the way home. We stopped at another Hobby Lobby and both bought another two items so we could get the second item 40 percent off.

I knew if we waited a week it might be all on sale for 50% off but we live really far away from the store.

Like it takes an hour and a half just to get to the closest Hobby Lobby and then another hour and a half to get home.

I knew I wouldn’t want to go back and spend 3 hours driving. I’d rather spend a little more now so I could have it and not have to make the long trip again. Plus, what if it went out of stock by the time I made it back to the store?

There were two more vehicles we could get but didn’t know how it would all fit so we did decide to wait on that.

Luckily, my mom went to visit her sister two hours away later in the week and bought another one for me which we decided did help pull the room together that much more! I’m so glad she did that!

Boys Vehicle/Travel Themed Room Reveal:

Here is my Son’s Vehicle/Travel Themed Room Reveal! We love it and most importantly my son loves it!

Boys Vehicle/Travel Themed Bedroom Reveal with cute, fun wall decoration.
Wider and different view of boys vehicle/travel themed bedroom.
Green dresser with an airplane and train on dresser with pic of boy playing with sailboat hanging on wall above picture in Vehicle/Travel themed boys room.
Close up view of picture of boy playing with sailboat in my boys Vehicle and travel themed room

Also, we had this idea to get a fun map, but we also knew we wanted it to be educational and easy for a kid to read. Most maps we saw were just decorative or the writing was too small to easily read when on the wall.

Then my mom found a Melissa and Doug U.S. Map Floor puzzle and it was perfect! It was bright and had all the right colors to go with my son’s room. At first, we thought we would glue the pieces together and hang them on the wall.

Then we thought how fun it would be to make it interactive by making it magnetic! Then the kids could play with it and learn the states while it was hanging on the wall! Genius! Go to this post for a tutorial on how to make the DIY Magnetic Map!

Vehiclelll/lTravel Themed room reveal Magnetic U.S. Map wall hanging. and dump truck wood wall decoration hanging above map

The kids have loved it and played with it so much!

My husband was on a business trip and when he came home, we had already hung all the decoration and just needed to do the magnetic puzzle. Then we got the magnetic puzzle done soon after.

We also bought some new really cute bins to organize his toys. You can read all about organizing my kids’ toys in this article. The new bins ended up not fitting on the shelves so we put it on the closet shelf and it was perfect.

Then we put select toys on the toy shelf and on his green dresser. Having just a few toys on the shelf helps keep my son’s room cleaner and I just get down the toys in his closet whenever the kids want to play with them.

Vehicle/travel themed room reveal toy shelf.

I think his room is perfect for my son and I love the way it turned out!

At what age do you think I will not need to change his room up? 4th grade? 5th? Let me know in the comments.

What do you think of my son’s Vehicle/travel themed room reveal? Let me know in the comments!

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