5 Fun Halloween Crafts to Make with your Family!

Fall Garland of yarn pumpkin, origami square pumpkin with a face, a, pompom pumpkin with a face, and yarn pumpkin

Are you looking for some fun Halloween crafts to do this month?

During the first week of October, we thought it would be really fun to have a craft weekend and make some fun Halloweeen crafts and decorate our living room with them.

So we got some craft supplies and went to town making 5 fun Halloween crafts.

We hung a bunch of them on a yarn garland across the living room.

The kids even made some to hang behind the chair at their desk so their zoom classmates and teachers could see them.

So now we have a super festive living room and my two oldest kids have a super festive DIY office where they do their schooling.

It was actually mainly my husband and kids making the crafts while I distracted our 1 year old when needed and worked on a Bucilla Stocking for my 4-year-old. I plan to have the stocking done by Christmas.

The kids really loved making all the different crafts!

Here are 5 fun Halloween crafts and the links so you can make them with your own family.

  1. Clay Pumpkins
Orange Clay Pumpkin with Jack-o-lantern face and clay green leaf.

First, they made pumpkins (and my son a solar system) out of modeling clay. They went to town making a bunch of different fun things.

We just let them be creative and make a pumpkin (or whatever else they wanted to). So no tutorial here. Just having fun modeling with clay.

Only my oldest, she is 8, actually made a pumpkin out of the clay. It turned out so cute!

Still, they all had so much fun being creative.

2. Origami Square Pumpkins

DIY Origami orange jack-o-lantern Square Pumpkin

They also made these really cute Origami square pumpkins by DIYwithME. My husband followed the YouTube video and then showed the kids and had them follow along, with help from the video.

My 8 and 6 year old did a pretty good job following along.

They loved putting different faces and emoji’s on the pumpkins using a permanent marker. It was a blast, you can see one example from the photo above.

They loved that you blew into the pumpkin to made it 3D.

My 4-yr-old got hers made for her, but she got to decorate it and loved it. Seriously, so cute and fun.

3. Cute Pom-Pom Pumpkins

DIY orange Jack-o-lantern pumpkin pompom

There is something about yarn that is just so fun to craft with.

We got the pompom pumpkin tutorial from momontimeout.com

My kids loved making these. They loved brushing out the yarn after it was made into a pumpkin shape to make it fluffier. My 4-year-old sat there quite awhile just thoroughly enjoying being able to brush to her heart’s content.

Then they added eyes and fun cut out mouths from felt and glued it on.

They even named a few of them. One is called Fluffykiss. They made these in not just orange, but blue also. So use whatever colors you want and have fun.

4. Origami Round Pumpkins

DIY Orange Origami Pumpkin

Watch the great YouTube video Origami Pumpkin by Jo Nakashima to learn how to made these.

It seemed these were a little harder to make at first than the square pumpkin for some reason. So watching and following the YouTube video really helped. It got a lot easier after doing it a few times.

As, you can see from the picture above of one we made, they turned out really cute!

The Kids again had a ton of fun putting faces on these. My son, who is 6, even used one of these as a hat to one of the origami square pumpkins.

Who knows, maybe the Origami Square pumpkins will be harder for you? Let me know in the comments which one seemed harder.

5. Yarn-Pumpkins inspired by onelittleproject

We got the inspiration for this one from onelittleproject. Check out her tutorial here at How to Make Yarn Pumpkins by onelittleproject. She has a great tutorial with pictures on how to do it, but we ended up doing it differently.

This was really cute and fun to do and I love the way it turned out. A couple of them even got faces made of pipe cleaner or felt on them, but most of them we left alone because they look great just how they are!

So I thought I would share how we made ours.

At first, we cut a super long piece of yarn. Then we put it all in the glue and started to wrap and wrap it around the balloon. However, doing it this way made the yarn get tangled easily and made it more difficult.

So in the end, we switched to just taking yarn and wrapping it around the balloon first before cutting it or getting glue on it. Then once it was all wrapped around how we wanted it, we then cut the yarn. We then dipped the yarn covered balloon in the glue and turned the balloon to make sure the glue got everywhere. Then we let it dry in the garage.

DIY Orange yarn balloon craft

It worked really well and it was so easy to do it this way. It turned out so cute and fun!

We then made a Living Room Garland and hung it across the living room above the fireplace to hang all the different fall crafts we made (Except the clay pumpkin, which we put on our piano).

It was easy to do. We already had nails up there from Christmas since that is where we hang our super cute 12 days of Christmas Garland.

So the garland expands through the whole length of the living room. We have three bigger nails and then a bunch of smaller ones spaced in between the three big ones. One big nail is at one side of the living room, another nail on the far other side of the room. And then the third nail right in the middle.

We just took the orange yarn and tied it to the first nail. Then we made a soft swoon and then looped around the middle nail and continued it gently to the last nail. Making sure it looked even on both sides. Then on the last nail, we looped the yarn around the nail and did another length of yarn, to make it thicker and stronger. Again making sure it was the same so it looked like only one piece of yarn was used.

We then just put the yarn up on all the little nails until we had it how we liked it.

Fall Garland of yarn pumpkin, origami square pumpkin with a face, a, pompom pumpkin with a face, and yarn pumpkin

We hung all our cute crafts on it randomly, using yarn or pipe cleaners to tie them up.

For the origami square pumpkins, we tied yarn around the stem, which was made out of pipe cleaner, and then stuck the pipe cleaner in as the stem. Then tied the other side of the yarn to our yarn garland.

The Round Origami pumpkin we made a knot in the string big enough that it would not come out once inside the pumpkin.

The yarn balls we used either pipe cleaner or yarn to wrap around some of it to hang it up.

The yarn pompoms we stuck a pipe cleaner in the yarn and then wrapped it around the garland.

Then we happened to find some long lost Halloween decoration in our laundry room cabinet that we put up. Including the pumpkin and fall flowers you see and the fun garland of fall leaves.

I was so happy to find these lost decorations!  

DIY Halloween Garland with Fall Leaf garland above on left side of living room
DIY fall wreathe garland close up of right sigde of living room with fall leaf garland above craft garland
DIY Halloween Fall Craft Garland hanging across living room

You guys, it turned out so cute!!! SERIOUSLY! We even made a smaller garland for behind the kids, so their classmates and teacher can enjoy the Halloween decoration also.

DIY garland of Origami Pumpkin, pompom pumpkin with face, and two square pumpkins with faces.
DIY garland of a origami pumpkin with a face, a pompom pumpkin with a face, and a square origami pumpkin with a face

I have a feeling this is going to become a tradition for us to make fun Halloween crafts every year!

What fun Halloween crafts have you done lately? Comment below and share this post!

Also comment below if you tried any of these and how it turned out!

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Pin 5 Fun Halloween Crafts to Make as a Family

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