Monthly Archive: January 2021

5 fun and unique finished DIY Pompom Snowmen. 0

How to Make a Fun Yarn Pompom Snowman!

As one of our 12 Days of Christmas activities from a few weeks ago, we made a Fun Yarn Pompom Snowman as a family. They turned out so cute!!! Seriously, the kids did a great job making them and they have held up so well to a lot of playing, since my kids played with them all the time, and not always gently either. I’ve been really impressed with how well these fun yarn pompom Snowman have all stayed together. My husband and I helped with the hot glue gun and helped the younger kids make theirs. They chose the...

Mom with her 1-year-old baby girl watching her baby girl eat an apple slice 0

Why I Had to (Practically) Cold-Turkey Stop Breastfeeding My 1-Year-Old

I am a big fan of Baby-led weaning for breastfeeding. Really, I am. It worked great for my 3 older kids. One stopped breastfeeding around 16-17 months (and honestly, I wish I had done it a touch more baby-led and not for societal pressure, but that’s a story for another day. She was still happy and fine). My 2nd went the longest and stopped feeding at 22 months old. He’s a lot like my 4th, but baby-led weaning still worked. My 3rd breastfed until 20 months old. With all three, I found out I was pregnant before they were weaned...