Monthly Archive: November 2020

Family Eating Thanksgiving Dinner Together 0

Make a Gratitude Thanksgiving Resolution and Teach Kids to be Grateful and have a Positive Mindset

Thanksgiving is a time of giving. A time to think of all the things we are grateful for. To be more aware of the blessings in our lives and to notice the kindness of others. As we sit around the table at Thanksgiving, we will be saying things we are thankful for and talking about it. I love this tradition because it reminds us of the blessings, family, and goodness in our lives. So, let’s do that every day. Don’t just wait until Thanksgiving. Every night at dinner or before bed we can talk about what we are grateful for...

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Teaching My Kids Boundaries by Playing with Me, Their Mom!

My kids think I am a Jungle Gym that they can climb on and jump on. No really, they do! They seem to have no concept of boundaries, at least not of mine, their mom. The younger ones especially struggle with this. Every time I sit down, they think it is an invitation to jump on me, sit on me, or climb on me. Sometimes I don’t mind too much, until they hurt me by accident. I especially don’t mind them sitting nicely with me and snuggling while we read a book or talk. Or even wanting to play Patty...

Simple and Fun Halloween Carnival Ideas for Family Fun with picture of two jack-o-lantern pumpkins 0

Simple and Fun Halloween Carnival Ideas for Family Fun!

This year for Halloween we decided to do a carnival with just our little family. We don’t have any extended family that lives close by and because of Covid19, we decided to just keep it small. We had the kids help craft and make a lot of the things for our simple Halloween family carnival. They loved helping out! The school did do a Halloween drive-through where the teachers and administrators were dressed up and outside, keeping social distance for safety. The kids were all dressed up also. So we just drove up and they gave each child a bag...