Monthly Archive: October 2020

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5 Fun Halloween Crafts to Make with your Family!

Are you looking for some fun Halloween crafts to do this month? During the first week of October, we thought it would be really fun to have a craft weekend and make some fun Halloweeen crafts and decorate our living room with them. So we got some craft supplies and went to town making 5 fun Halloween crafts. We hung a bunch of them on a yarn garland across the living room. The kids even made some to hang behind the chair at their desk so their zoom classmates and teachers could see them. So now we have a super...

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13 Ways to Practice Self-Care when you are Grumpy in Front of Your Kids

If we want our kids to learn to handle their emotions in a positive way, then we need to be an example of that. We need to analyze how we act during different situations. If we are having a bad day, do we storm around the house getting mad at the smallest things? All while our kids are watching us. Or do realize “Hey, I am really in a bad mood, what can I do to help myself feel better and snap at the kids less?”  Maybe we can take a break and lay on the bed for a few...