Monthly Archive: July 2020

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What 12-18 Month Old Baby’s Love

I love the 12-18 month baby/toddler stage, I really do. I have to say though that I am a big fan of all the stages so far. I love watching them learn, explore, and grow. Since I have a 12-18-month-old daughter. I wanted to share some of the things that 12-18-month-old’s love. 12- 18-month-old babies are so cute and fun. They are becoming so active and have such big personalities that are shining through. They love to walk. They will try and try and try until they get walking down, no matter how many times they fall, they will get...

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What I Hope to Achieve by Decluttering my Home

I have been looking and reading a lot about decluttering and minimalism. Now, I’m pretty sure I will never be a true minimalist. I really love things that make my house beautiful, which I think is actually a part of minimalism. So maybe I’m not doing too bad. I believe minimalism is all about keeping the things you love and are special to you. Plus, items that have a purpose. Bonus points if it is also pretty. I have done some decluttering. I have decluttered my kid’s toys a little bit. Really just going through and throwing away toys that...