Monthly Archive: June 2020

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7 Tips for Letting 1-Year-Old’s Help with Chores

When babies turn one, they get so helpful!   You know what I mean, they love to take clothes out of dresser drawers as you put them in and then if you are lucky, they will put them back in again. They love to unfold laundry and scatter it around the living room. They love to help take dishes out while you are putting them in. They love to put toys in boxes and then take them out again unless you are fast enough to put it away. They love to watch what we are doing and copy us. They...

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102 Fun Things to do this Summer with Kids without Spending a lot of Money

I created a list of 102 fun things to do this summer with kids without spending a lot of money. I purposefully made most of these items be things that you can do at home that don’t cost a lot of money, though some of them mention going into town, but hopefully still don’t cost too much. This list has actually been so helpful for me as a mom. Sometimes I forget about all the fun things there are to do.  Yes, they have their toys and love them, but they also love doing new activities. Having a list of...