Monthly Archive: May 2020

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What will Summer Look like this Year for Us?

It is the last week of home school distance learning for my kids. They have done so well with it and I am so proud of them. They are ready for summer break! But what will summer look like this year for us? Normally in the summer we do swim lessons and go to the swimming pool almost every weekend. Will that be possible this year? Will the pool even open up? W normally do community activities like a community play. I already know that the community play has been canceled this year for them. We also like to go...

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11 Acts of Service you can Do with your Children while Stuck at Home

A lot of us are stuck at home right now. Why not use this time to teach and be a good example by doing acts of service with our children. It feels so good to help others out and it can be a great bonding experience. It can also be so fun and help your children feel some normalcy. You may wonder what you can do stuck at home to help others. Don’t worry, I made a list of 11 acts of service you can do with your children. 11 Ideas for Acts of Service We Can Do With our...

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8 Ways to Keep Kids from Breaking Your Valuables!

For Christmas I got a Fossil Sport Watch, which I love. It’s a pretty rose gold color and my husband got me a pretty metal band to go with it. It helps me keep track of appointments, text messages, phone calls, fitness, etc.  This watch has to be charged once a day and for some reason my sweet little barely 1-year old loves to try to get it whenever I take it off. Sometimes I let it charge in the living room where I can keep an eye on it and not forget about it. One day I did that...