13 Ways to Practice Self-Care when you are Grumpy in Front of Your Kids

Women sitting on couch holding a cup of coffee.

If we want our kids to learn to handle their emotions in a positive way, then we need to be an example of that.

We need to analyze how we act during different situations. If we are having a bad day, do we storm around the house getting mad at the smallest things? All while our kids are watching us. Or do realize “Hey, I am really in a bad mood, what can I do to help myself feel better and snap at the kids less?”

 Maybe we can take a break and lay on the bed for a few minutes just breathing. Or take a hot shower. Or get outside and take a walk with the kids. Or even just get chalk out and sit outside while we let our kids play around us.

Self-care is very important when parenting. Our children are happier when we are happier. They need to see that it is important for everyone to get the rest and self-care they need.

It doesn’t need to be a whole day thing, sometimes just a few minutes can change the direction of our day.

Here are 13 Ways to practice self-care when you are grumpy in front of your kids.

  1. Lay on the bed for a few minutes and just breathe. Close your eyes and relax for a few minutes. Think about why you are feeling this way. Examine your feelings. Or just relax.
  2. Sit Down and Make Sure to eat Breakfast. Or have a snack if hungry, maybe even sip on some calming herbal tea. Take a moment to make sure you have eaten some food.
  3. Get Outside. Seriously, the sun and the fresh air are so calming and can change yours and your kid’s attitude around so fast. Do anything that sounds fun, like going on a walk, getting out some outdoor toys for your kids, and watching them play while soaking up the sun. Maybe even play with them when you start feeling better and calmer.
  4. Listen to music. Put on some music that helps you relax or pumps you up. Whatever will help you feel better. Maybe it can even turn into a dance party! I turn on music to do dance parties when I am already in a good mood.
  5. Read a book for a few minutes. Reading a book can transport you to another place, even if just for a few minutes. Plus, I believe it is good for kids to see you reading, it will help them want to read more also. A win-win for everyone.
  6. Do Yoga. Some people find Yoga very relaxing and helpful. I do like yoga and I love it when my kids see me doing it and do it with me. It is so cute to see a 20 month and a 3 almost-four-year-old doing Yoga. It also fun to see the two oldest doing it with me and seeing how much more coordinated they are than when they were little.
  7. Do an exercise video. It can feel so good to work out and feel like your getting stronger. It is also great and fun to have kids join in also.
  8. Write. Writing can be so therapeutic. You can write any way you like. Maybe you really like to write in a journal about how you are feeling or your day. Maybe you like to write stories or poems. Or even blog posts.
  9. Crafting. It can be so relaxing and fun. Plus, you get to feel good about getting a project done you have been working on.
  10. Take a nap. If you can find the time, a short nap might be exactly what is needed. Maybe take a nap while your children are napping. Or implement some quiet time and snuggle all together on your bed (Maybe your kids will fall asleep).
  11. Drink water. It is so easy to get dehydrated. Sit down, relax, and sip on some nice ice water while taking a moment to yourself to just breathe and rehydrate.
  12. Take a shower. Take the time to relax in a shower. I find even a short, fast shower to be so relaxing. Plus, it is always great to feel so clean and refreshed afterward.
  13. Get dressed and ready for the day. Even put on makeup if you tend to wear make-up or do your hair. Enjoy getting ready and take your time if you can.  They say that looking your best can help you feel your best and be more productive and ready for dealing with the day. Plus, if anyone unexpected comes over or you want to go somewhere, like the park, or last-minute you remember you have a doctor’s appointment for your kids, you are ready to go.  

Try out these ideas to see what works for you. For some people, some of these items may not be relaxing and for others it is.

Everyone is different.

 I know for me personally, I do not like to listen to music when I am mad, it just annoys me. I turn on music to do dance parties when I am already in a good mood.

I do, however, like to go outside and do something with my kids. Even if I am just sitting on the swing watching them play in the backyard. It’s something about being outside in the sun and fresh air and listening to my kids play happily.

I also like writing and reading and relaxing.

Crafting is a hit or miss when I am upset or having a rough day. Sometimes it helps, sometimes I have to stop because I am getting more annoyed, normally because I keep making mistakes, so I need to come back to it.

Everyone in the house will benefit from you being happier and less mad. It also teaches kids how to act when they are grumpy or mad. It will give them ideas on how to feel better.

You can even tell your kids and family “I am having a hard time right now staying calm. So, I am going to read a book for a few minutes until I feel a little better. You can read a book sitting next to me, or color, or play if you want.”

Helping yourself to be calm and relaxed teaches your kids how to react in similar situations.

So, take the time and enjoy taking a short break.

What are your favorite ways to take a break and help reset your day when you are not feeling your best? Let me know in the comments and please share this post.

Women sitting on couch holding a cup of coffee.

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