11 Acts of Service you can Do with your Children while Stuck at Home

Family Making Cookies Together in the Kitchen.

A lot of us are stuck at home right now. Why not use this time to teach and be a good example by doing acts of service with our children. It feels so good to help others out and it can be a great bonding experience. It can also be so fun and help your children feel some normalcy. You may wonder what you can do stuck at home to help others. Don’t worry, I made a list of 11 acts of service you can do with your children.

11 Ideas for Acts of Service We Can Do With our Children when we are Stuck at Home:

  • Write to your Grandparents or other family members. Older people especially are getting lonely being in isolation. So have your kids draw pictures and write letters to send to them. Maybe even add a photo of your family or your kids. There is something extra fun about receiving mail from loved ones. Also of course, call and video call with them. They do appreciate it.
  • Adopt a Grandparent/write to nursing homes. Some nursing homes are asking people to adopt a grandparent so their residents won’t feel as lonely. So, have your children write letters and draw pictures to send to them. They really will appreciate it.
  • Make Care packages. There are so many different types of care packages we can give to others. Think about putting together an art bag with your children to give to a friend who has kids. Or maybe an adult who also enjoys art. You can do a spa care package, a movie care package, etc. Then drop it off the door and ring the doorbell and run. Or text them after you left that you put a surprise for them on the front porch.
  • Make Face masks for Medical professionals and others. Right now, there are a lot of Medical professionals and others in the community who need more masks. Consider making some with your older children to donate to those in need. Call ahead though to see if the place needs them. If not, send your masks to another location.
  • Make homemade blankets and pillows: There is nothing so soft and warm as a fleece homemade blanket. Children can help tie the ends and choose the fabric online.  Make one to give to the homeless shelter, women’s shelter, or to a friend.
  • Make Hygiene Kits. Have your kids help you put together a bunch of bags with toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, sanitary items, soap, detergent, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Any items you have at home that you think will be helpful and drop it off at a homeless shelter or women’s shelter.  Some shelters might even have lists for ideas so check out their websites.
  • Donate money if you have the means to. Find an organization that you would like to help, or even give a gift card to someone you know is struggling right now. They could be struggling with the loss of a job or be sick.  So if you have the means and can help an organization or person, they will appreciate it.
  • Draw/write happy messages on your driveway. This can be a really fun way for you and our kids to get outside and enjoy the sun. Grab some chalk and draw away on your driveway. You can write positive messages and draw fun things.  It will help others feel happy when walking and driving by. I have seen some amazing chalk art, some from friends. They always amaze me!
  • Write positive quotes or stories on Social media. Have your children help you find positive quotes and post online to help uplift others. You never know, someone may be needing to see something positive at that moment.
  • Drop off dinner or dessert for someone. You can have your kids help prepare the meal or help package it up. It can be something like a frozen casserole that they just have to throw in the oven when they are having a hard day. You can also give a gift card from a local restaurant for them to order out from.
  • Buy a Gift Card from a local business, if you can. Have your children help choose a few gift cards from local businesses like restaurants and small shops to help them stay afloat. Then later on you can redeem them when life is back to normal. Also, order take out every once in a while. It is great for both you to get a break and for the restaurants, if you have the money to do so.

There you have it, 11 acts of service that we can do to help others and teach our children how important it is to help others if we can. Even doing small things to help others smile will brighten someone’s day.

Comment and let me know of others way you can think of to give service while stuck at home.

Family Making Cookies Together in the Kitchen.

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